BFRO's Skookum Meadow Expedition

Day Eight

Saturday, September 23

The group awoke to a sunny but extremely windy day. Fish and Noll travelled up to the mud wallow to see if there were any fresh impressions. The mud pool was frozen and frost-heaved, leaving a hard surface with no tracks. Some of the fruit was again missing, although this could be attributed to any animal. Of interest were the peanut shells that had been left at the mud pool. They had been chewed open, and the peanuts inside had been consumed. Fish and Noll collected the peanut shells into a Ziplock bag, and returned to camp.

Dismantling camp began immediately after breakfast. Bambenek was first to leave, and was soon followed by Moneymaker and the film crew. Randles, Lee, Noll, Fish, and Lemley finished cleaning up camp. Noll and Randles left at noon. Lee and Lemley left soon after. Fish stayed behind for a short while longer, gathering a few last notes about the area before departing.

Setting sun over Skookum Meadow.
Photo by Jeff Lemley


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