BFRO's Skookum Meadow Expedition

Day One

Saturday, September 16

Erin Lee and Jeff Lemley met up with Dr. LeRoy Fish at 5:30 PM at Lone Butte Snopark, located 28 miles north of Carson, WA. Lemley, Lee, and Fish then proceeded a few miles up the road to establish base camp for the week-long expedition. The location they settled on was at the end of an old logging road, about 1/4 mile behind a gravel pit. The road dead-ended at a turn around in the middle of a clearcut. There was a ridge located 600 yards to the southwest, and another ridge directly east. The spot also offered an excellent view of Mt. St. Helens to the west. The clearcut appeared to be roughly 25 years old, with some new growth approaching 12-15 feet in height. There was an abundance of huckleberry bushes located at the end of the road, which were in season.

Majestic Mt. St. Helens.
Photo by Jeff Lemley

Fish, Lee and Lemley proceeded with setting up camp and gathering firewood. Rick Noll arrived just before dark. He had been burdened with some alternator problems on the trip up, and so was late arriving. He then left to go to try locating Derek Randles, who was also scheduled to meet up with us.

Fish, Lee and Lemley finished setting up camp, and prepared dinner. Noll returned after dinner, never having located Randles. Lemley and Lee departed camp at around 11 PM, as both had to be in Portland, OR, the next day to meet up with other expedition members. Fish and Noll settled in for the night. The only disturbance noted that evening was a visit by several extremely vocal coyotes that came to within 50 yards of camp.


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