Witnesses in Carrizo Canyon

In a one square mile portion of Carrizo Canyon, there are at least 20 eye-witnesses and at least 100 ear-witnesses. The incidents are likely to continue intermittently. They will be reported in the new, free, Apache Bigfoot Newsletter. The stories and photos will be collected by tribal members.

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  Tribal member Bonadel Ortega standing outside her home near Carrizo.

She pointed up to show the height of the tall, hairy figure that leaned down to look in this window, one winter evening four years ago. The figure stood there and watched her as she rested on a sofa.

Not wanting to make too much eye contact, she repeatedly looked away from window and laid motionless until the figure walked away.

Prior to the BFRO expedition she had only told close family members about the incident.

Bonadel is a well respected teacher at the local high school.
Tribal member Cindy Valdez took us outside her home in Pena Loop and showed us where similar incident happened. She pointed up to a window with a divider bar between the panes. The divider was about nine feet off the ground. The figure's head was higher than that when it was looking through the window.

It was Cindy's bedroom window. She was in bed asleep when the figure came around.

It was sometime after midnight. Cindy's daughter, Sage, was still awake upstairs. When the yard's motion light came on Sage spotted the figure looking into her mother's bedroom window. She slipped downstairs to alert her mother. Her mother woke up and saw the silhouette of the figure at the window.

Cindy and Sage went upstairs to look from the 2nd story window. By the time they got upstairs and looked out the window, the figure was gone.

Cindy told friends and family about the incident but otherwise didn't feel compelled to report it.



Tribal member Josie Arviso near her home on Palmer Loop, outside Carrizo.

Two years ago, at dusk, Joise saw a shockingly tall, dark, hairy "bigfoot" standing among the trees across the road.

She was jumping on a trampoline in her mom's front yard. She and her girlfriends had been jumping on the trampoline for most of the afternoon. The incident happened after the other girls had gone inside. Josie insisted on staying outside longer, to continue jumping on the trampoline by herself.

Josie spotted the bigfoot across the road and watched it for a moment until she realized it was there to watch her. She ran to the door and pounded on it. Her mother said she was terrified when she came in.

No one went outside to investigate, and the family never called the tribal police or conservation officers.

Josie is a high school student. She lives with her mother, sister and younger brother. There was no adult male residing at the home at the time of the incident, only adult women, girls, and a young boy.


Almost all of the close-range witnesses we spoke with or heard about near Carrizo were women or girls.

There were mostly women and girls in the homes on the street where the boldest incidents happened.

Less than a mile away there are other homes where peeping incidents happened. There were only women and girls in those homes also.


Tribal member Bea Kinzhuma in front of her home near Carrizo.

Bea points to where a neighbor had seen the figure down the street from her home.

Vocalizations are still heard around the area, but no visual incidents have occurred on this road recently. There are also more men living on this road now.

Yes, there are plenty of witnesses who are male, but the males usually don't see the figures prowling outside their homes at night. The males typically see them while hunting, driving or hiking in the surrounding hills.

If you looked like a sasquatch, and you lived like a sasquatch, and you knew from some frightening experiences that your appearance scared the daylights out of humans ... but you still wanted to interact with some humans, any humans at all, in circumstances posing the least threat to your naked backside ... what would you do?

With whom would you try to initiate a safe, calm interaction, and under what circumstances?

What situations would you try to avoid?

The observations in upper Carrizo Canyon suggest a desire not to harm or terrorize, but to interact in safe circumstances.

If the desire was to attack, prey upon, molest, or frighten the humans, the encounter stories would be very different.




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