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How come no one is trying to shoot a bigfoot with a tranquilizer gun?

This suggestion has been proposed repeatedly by the public, and a great deal of discussion within the BFRO has focused on the topic.

The tranquilizing of a bigfoot may indeed happen some day, but not before some good video footage is obtained.

It would be a tough sell for a person to motivate the substantial assistance necessary for a serious, *safe* effort to tranquilize a bigfoot, if that person could not first provide clear, close-range, daylight video footage of a bigfoot, from more than one encounter.

Only multiple clips of clear, close-range, daylight encounters would serve to establish the existence of a bigfoot in a particular area, and simultaneously demonstrate the ability of a person to get close enough to one, reliably, to be able to tranquilize it safely.

Trying to tranquilize and subdue a bigfoot at night, in a forest, would not be a safe thing to do.

Yet another way of stating the same axiom:

If a bigfoot cannot be videotaped easily, repeatedly, in daylight, and in the open (as all large African mammals can), then a bigfoot cannot be safely tranquilized either.

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