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Report # 2907  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 27, 2001.
Four Camp Pendleton soldiers confront bigfoot during nighttime training exercise
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YEAR: 1968


MONTH: November

STATE: California

COUNTY: San Diego County

LOCATION DETAILS: I only know we were up in some small mountains or large hills(whatever you want to call them). We were somewhere in Camp Pendleton. Not sure of where. They took us out in trucks and then we walked to the location.

NEAREST TOWN: Oceanside,California

NEAREST ROAD: Pacific coast highway

OBSERVED: While in infantry training at Camp Pendleton in California,we had dug in on a very large hill and were expecting a enemy force to attack in the night. I had one Marine with me and to our left were two other about 30 yrds. away. They were also dug in. We had a steep rock covered area right in front of us. We heard something coming up the side of the mountain. We could hear rocks rolling down the mountain. It came up over the edge and the Marine with me yelled halt. It stood up right in front of us about 6 feet away. I could see the outline of this creature and it was hugh. It looked about 3 1/2 feet wide. It had long arms and a pointed head. It was very tall. From the hole we were in I had to look almost straight up at it. I couldn't believe how big it was! It was sotall,big and wide. I could see the outline very well but could not make out its features. It made no noise and there was no smell we could detect. It stood there for about one minute and then walked between us and the other Marines. I was terrified at the time and my hair was standing up. I tried not to breath. I had no idea what to expect from it.

After it had passed and was out of sight the four of us made sure we had all seen the same thing. Everyone said they were not going to say a thing. I have never before reported this but now I know they exist.

My father worked for the Green Lake county Sheriff's department back in the 1970's. During deer hunting some hunters had seen a bigfoot near Manchester,Wisconsin. The sheriff's department sent people out with snowmobiles to try and track it. They never found it but had numerous pictures of the tracks in the snow. My dad showed me the pictures they had up on a bulletin board in their meeting room.

ALSO NOTICED: We also moved out before dark so we could not check for tracks but I knew there had to be some.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were four Marines that saw this creature and all saw the same thing.

OTHER STORIES: I don't know of any in that area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was sometime after midnight. The sky was clear and starry so I could see its outline very well.

ENVIRONMENT: We were in some small mountains that were covered with rocks and lots of trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Withers:

The four marines were picked up in the San Onofre area, near the coast, and driven inland before they were dropped off and had to walk the remaining distance. They were armed with M-16 rifles loaded with blanks, and were dug in at the top of a hill. The witness corrected his report by saying that the other two marines were dug in to the right of him, not to the left.

Shortly after midnight, the bigfoot climbed up the slope in front of them, and as it crested the hill it stopped and stood up straight when the witness' partner shouted "Halt!" At this point, the witness knew exactly what he was looking at, since he had read about bigfoot before.

He could only see the bigfoot's silhouette, but he could tell that the animal was six to seven feet tall and about three and a half feet wide, with arms hanging down almost to its knees. It was too dark to see any other details, including any hair covering.

The bigfoot stood completely still for about fifteen seconds, then walked around the witness and his buddy, a few feet to the right of them and between them and the two other marines that were dug in some distance away. As it walked past them, all four marines turned and watched it go down the slope behind them, and then up and over a small hill, where they lost sight of it. The sighting lasted a total of about one minute. During this time, all four marines felt extremely fearful of the bigfoot.

Vegetation consisted of heavy brush and scattered, deciduous trees.

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