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Report # 75453  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, January 26, 2023.
Family describes multiple incidents in Custer Park, 45 SE of Chicago
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YEAR: 2023

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 22

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Will County

LOCATION DETAILS: Corn field at 23504 MccGuire rd,

NEAREST TOWN: Custer park


OBSERVED: Grandkids spotted what they saw as a bigfoot in a ditch along a treeline in rural Custer Park Illinois on January 21st or 22nd. It stood watching them , when they looked away it moved a little ways and stopped when they looked back at it. They got pictures of it and found foot prints. One of the pictures looks like a bear. We don't have bears in this area.

ALSO NOTICED: Husband and grandson have heard howls and knocks at night. Made the hair on back of Husband neck rise.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 grandkids age 10 and 12. They were walking in the field

OTHER STORIES: Yes, about 4 or 5 yes ago grandkids saw a bifoot in similar area. Scared them pretty bad. Heard of a sighting in Essex a few years back

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Afternoon, cloudy gray skies

ENVIRONMENT: Ditch along treeline north of corn field

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chris Callahan:

I spoke with the initial incident reporter and her husband. The following may be added to the report:

1. An upright and dark (black) bipedal figure has been seen 3 times on this property (farm field each sighting) since 2015 (all sightings have been by the grandkids who are still minors). In the late summer/early fall of 2015, the grandmother stated she saw a half face of an upright figure (it was a brief glimpse) in a window of her house. Also, she told of the house being hit by something at times, but never finding what hit or see what did it.

2. The couple moved to this property in 2015. The grandfather made a wood knock one nite, just for kicks, and received an immediate response. There are chickens and rabbits on this property and they have disappeared at times. Sometimes a natural explanation is discovered (raccoons, foxes, hawks) and sometimes they have simply vanished without animal predation evidence.

3. During a night grounds check, the grandfather and grandson heard a howl and the hair on grandpa's neck stood up. They retreated inside. The grandfather is an experienced woodsman who has hunted coyotes and stated he was familiar with wolf calls. This howl was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was so loud and deep it could have been anywhere from fifty yards to a half mile away. It lasted for around one minute in duration.

4. The 2015 sighting was a bipedal walking figure traveling across a fallow field. It was seen by her grandson who was around 4-5 years old. The January 2023 sighting was also by the grandson and that is what the pictures are from.

5. There was another sighting on March 11 or 12 of 2023. The grandson saw a tall and large dark colored figure about 100 yards away standing upright.

6. The photos of the lifeform are when it was in a ditch. The ditches on this property are between 12-18 feet deep.

About BFRO Investigator Chris Callahan:

Chris is a professional Fire Captain and EMT. He holds a BA in History/Anthropology, an MA in Historical Archaeology, and has attended numerous public and private expeditions.

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