Ohio - Portage County

These snow tracks are probably authentic. The tracks were found in northeastern Ohio -- Portage County -- a county with an extraordinarily large deer population, along with a rich history of sasquatch sightings and track finds.

The witness saw something dark going by her window one night in February 2009. She went outside the next morning and found these tracks in the snow. There was one set of tracks. The some of the strides were 9 feet long. The tracks were 14-12 inches in length.

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The above image should be refered to as "Portage - One".

The person who originally measured the tracks misinterpreted the impression and assumed the tracks were two feet long. The tracks were much shorter than that. What appears to be a long heel in the back is actually the scooping drag of the heel before the foot pressed into the snow. The "long toes" impression in front was created by the foot scooping some snow forward as the foot lifted out of the impression.

The above image should be refered to as "Portage - Two".