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The Big Difference with Malaysia

Organized "bigfoot research" basically did not exist in Malaysia until last month (December, 2005), which may explain, in part, why the government, the media and conservationists are being so open about the sightings there.

Ridicule and negative stigmas have not had a chance to grow among Malaysia's journalists and public, as they have in North America over the years.

There are no grocery store tabloids in Malaysia (like the "Weekly World News") that have been, in effect, distorting and mocking the subject for the past three decades, to people standing in grocery store checkout lines throughout the country. These types of tabloids in the U.S. and Canada basically assure that no government effort will happen in North America, until some other government takes the plunge first, and thereby makes it politically safe to discuss the subject openly in government circles.

Curiously, there are far, far more eyewitnesses in North America than in Malaysia, but absolutely no open, official interest from any state/federal government agency. It is a major taboo to even discuss the sightings on an official level, and not because the discussion has been officially prohibited somehow. The reasons are media-cultural here, not conspiratorial.

Government officials know exactly how pandering American newspaper reporters will treat the issue of a government official looking into these kinds of sighting reports. Newpaper reporters, along with other promotion-hungry government employees, will jump at the opportunity to trash that government official, even if his/her attention is very warranted by scores of credible, adamant eyewitness.

It's simply too easy for reporters to play upon the twisted ignorance of average Americans, so government officials simply avoid the subject completely to protect their positions, their reputations, and their careers.

Malaysia has not been tainted by those influences, so it can proceed with an open, fearless, scientific mindset, and a refreshing degree of respect for the observations of its citizens.

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