Wanted: Sponsors

BFRO seeks Sponsors and Endorsement Agreements

At present a TV network is financing the production of a television series about the BFRO's investigations. Episodes are being produced in both the eastern states and western states. The series will begin airing in Fall of 2011 and will make the BFRO a household term by mid 2012.

The group has waited for this development before seeking endorsement/sponsorship agreements. Those sorts of agreements will be needed to cover the overhead costs of the organization as it expands its size, scope and influence, both in the U.S. and particular foreign countries.

Two companies in particular would be good fits, in terms of our potential for promoting their products:

1) The Energizer Battery Company (Missouri): We use a lot of Energizer Lithium batteries, and we urge expeditioners to use them exclusively. Some expeditioners have been caught in very frightenning situations because they did not have Energizer Lithium batteries in their walkie-talkies or head lamps, or both.

2) The Vosonic Corportion (Taiwan): There would be much more authentic videos of bigfoots out there if every vehicle had a Vosonic dashcam (GV6330) running in it. These light-sensitive, hi-def dashcams see better in the dark than your own eyes, and they record much better quality video than police dashcams. They cost around $200.

We would be interested in discussing endorsement/sponsorship agreements with any respectable companies at this time. If you are interested in discussing this further, please send an email to