California Bigfoot Expedition 2020

June 25-28

Register early for this one. It fills up faster with than any other BFRO expedition in the US or Canada.  The leader is Robert Collier, a veteran law enforcement officer in Southern California. He knows the most reliable places in the state for a sasquatch encounter and his expeditions never miss.

Robert takes a limited number of "newbies" each year because most attendees are "repeaters" who have been attending his trips for years.

To sign up for this expedition see the BFRO Expedition FAQ.

There is a relatively high density of sasquatches in California but only in specific regions ... Most parts of California have none.

 The most dependable areas for sasquatches in California:

1) The coastal mountain ranges north of San Francisco and west of Redding.

2) Parts of the High Sierras (Sierra Nevada Mountains).

On some expeditions Robert hits spots in Nor Cal, on others he leads his group to spots in the High Sierras. If you register for this expedition you must be prepared to go to either region because the location might change beforehand depending upon conditions and access.  Both areas are reliable sasquatch zones.

If you are interested in attending this expedition,
please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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