Expedition Testimonials

Emailed to the BFRO after the May 2005 Redwoods expedition.

From Leila Hadj-Chikh, PhD, Evolutionary Biology

Dear Matt et al.,

I just wanted to thank you all for letting me participate in the Redwoods Expedition. I had a really amazing time. I was especially excited to be able to learn so much from other expedition members who have been doing this for some time.

I was quite surprised and impressed by how much the BFRO already knows about the biology of an animal that has received so little attention or recognition from the scientific community.

After going on this expedition with you all, I find it unbelievable that this subject has been ignored by so many professional scientists. I felt honored to have the opportunity to get some first-hand experience in investigating these animals with you.

It's unfortunate that my audio recorder decided to stop working the afternoon before I heard those interesting sounds! (I am sure they were made by no animal I know of...)

I'm planning to bring some better recording equipment on future expeditions, so hopefully I will be better prepared!

I look forward to joining you all in the Sierras ...

Best regards,

Leila Hadj-Chikh, PhD, Evolutionary Biology




RE: March 2005 Vogt-Shelby Expedition - Northern California

Emailed to the BFRO after the March 2005 expedition.

From Rick Kopec, President of the Shelby America Automobile Club :

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how much I enjoyed meeting you, and in participating in the expedition in Northern California. I found it both educational and stimulating. It was something completely different from what I'm used to doing and I was glad I was able to take part in it. I've been talking to Curt Vogt and I think I'd like to spend a day and a night with you guys when you come to NY State in October. Curt said he will keep me posted so there's nothing you'll have to do. (I'll bet you don't get emails telling you THAT very often!)

Anyway, thanks for everything. You have managed to tie the whole Bigfoot matter into a nice, neat package which goes a long way towards understanding something about which so little is actually known.

Best regards,

Rick Kopec



From Eric Bell -- Construction Manager from Las Vegas, NV:

"I would like to thank the BFRO for allowing my brother and I to participate in the New Mexico expedition. We had an incredible experience that was well worth the 12 hour drive from Las Vegas.

I would also like to sincerely thank [the host], his family and all the members of the Apache Nation who made this trip so rewarding for me. The knowledge and hospitality that they so graciously shared will have a lasting impression. Not only did I feel welcome; I felt like an honored guest. There was food, hot coffee and good company in abundance the whole time I was there.

The BFRO did a wonderful job in organizing and coordinating all aspects of the expedition. The participation and continued assistance of [the host] and his people, and the respect they showed towards the BFRO and its efforts.

Let's do it again!!!

Eric Bell"

From Mike S. -- Pastor from Alabama, regarding the September 2004 Expedition in Northern New Mexico:

"My son and I participated in the NM expedition sponsored by the BFRO and hosted on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.

We arrived unannounced at a camp about midnight after a 12 hour drive. Reservation residents helped us find a camp spot and even offered to help us pitch camp, AT MIDNIGHT. They also invited us to drop by for coffee the next morning, even though we were complete strangers. They made us feel more like long lost friends.

The next morning they directed us to [the host's] ranch. These same wonderful people personally showed other participants to the ranch and even invited us to a BBQ dinner on the first night. [The host] and his family were also wondeful hosts and shared their time, expeirience, food, and resources in a most gracious manner. The wonderful Apache people and the natural wonder of the place itself made it an unforgettable experience.

The NM expedition mounted by the BFRO was extremely successful, in my opinion, in terms of sightings, vocalizations, and evidence collected. It was definitely a worthwhile experience even though it was a 24 hour drive to get there. The other participants were highly motivated and each was eager to participate. The entire trip was exciting and pleasant because of the hospitality of the Apache Nation, and the great job done by Stephen, Matt, and others in the BFRO to research the best spot in advance so that the probability for success was high from the beginning.

Mike S."

An Apache Indian guide (left) with expedition member Stan Courtney (Illinois).

The Apache Indian Reservation is, in effect, a well protected wildlife refuge. It is a separate nation, with its own laws and its own system of justice. Poaching by outsiders is uncommon, partly because of the harsh consequences to poachers caught on Apache land.


From Kyle P. -- Aircraft Mechanic from Portland, Oregon, regarding the September 2004 Expedition in Northern New Mexico:

'Two thumbs up. This was one of those trips I will remember for the rest of my life. It really taught me a lot. Thanks to [the host] and his family for making me feel so welcome and the hospitality they gave me, plus the help with a flat tire. Matt, you did a great job putting this expedition on so well I would like to go on your future expeditions.

Thanks so much,
Kyle Popma
Portland, Oregon"


From Paul Mateja -- Network Administrator from Buffalo, New York,
regarding the September 2004 Expedition in Northern New Mexico:

" I had a great time. It was unlike any thing I have ever done before. With the things I had seen and heard there is no doubt in my mind that some sasquatches were in the area.

I was most impressed with the hospitality shown to the group by [the host], his family, and other members of the Apache Nation. I felt honored and humbled to be included. I was also very impressed with the camaraderie of the BFRO group. From the day I arrived I felt I was treated as an equal. I had a good feeling of the group. The knowledge and techniques I picked up from the BFRO and the Apaches will go a long way to enhance and improve my personal research out in the east. I look forward to the next one!

Paul J. Mateja
Buffalo, NY



From Ric Hjertberg -- Engineer from Seattle, Washington,
regarding the October 2004 Expedition in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington:

"Firstly, thanks for sharing those remarkable days with me. I met some folks I hope to know for a lifetime. What a great bunch of independent thinkers. If I were an undiscovered species, you?re definitely the bunch I?d like to meet.

It was a thrill to be included. No regrets here. The trip moved my avocation from curiosity to long-term involvement. That?s huge because I take my hobbies very seriously.

On the skills side, thanks to all for sharing your knowledge. I learned a ton in areas I thought I already had some skills.

I suspect that we?re not far from a defining event. Whatever it is, nothing will be the same. And we?ll remember October as a very special and unrepeatable experience.

The mystery is not whether sasquatches exist or how, exactly, contact will occur. The real question is, how will the world change. I?m in it both to behold these magnificent creatures and to watch conventional wisdom blown away. In the meantime, these expeditions are big fun. I hope to have the chance to go again and often.

Hope to see you out there again, and soon.
Still missing the excitement and comaraderie,


Tracy Herigstad (Art Student, Univ.Wash.) and Paul Graves (Lead guitarist of the rock band "Mossdog") staking out a salmon spawning area during the October Washington Expedition on the Olympic Peninsula.

From Mel Skahan -- Forestry Technician from Yakima, Washington,
regarding the October 2004 Expedition in the Olympic Peninsula:

"I thank Matt for allowing me to attend the second Washington Expedition, and all those who shared your experiences with me. I enjoyed sharing with you my own experiences and knowledge of the woods. As I was driving home I kept thinking that we should have come across more activity, but it's a hit and miss thing. If it were that easy it wouldn't still be a mystery. I hope that we are able to come together again.

Mel Skahan


Jim "Bobo" Fay signs a bigfoot research book as a gift to some kids in Queets Village (Quinault Indian Reservation) during the August Expedition in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

From Jim Von Lassow -- Golf Pro Shop Owner from Seattle, Washington, regarding the October 2004 Expedition in the Olympic Peninsula:

"I attended with my son and daughter and we all had a good time, although due to school conflicts we did not get into camp until Friday evening after 7 PM. We were welcomed graciously and met wonderful people which made the trip that much better.

Our expectations were moderate at best. It would have been icing on the cake if we heard a scream, or found a track, or saw tree breaks, but we only were in the field for two nights. Our limited time in the field was our own planning error and it will not happen next time.

Even with the limited amount of time there, our experiences were rich and memorable. My daughter Hannah's best time was the first night when she was invited to go with the all girl team. She really had a good time talking and patrolling the road with them. She also loved rumbling along the rough logging roads searching for tracks. My son Andrew's favorite part was [luring them with sounds] at night on a deserted road near the river.

Personally for me, being with like-minded people and exploring the woods and rivers was a great thrill. It was my first expedition and it was 'over the moon'. Sharing it with new friends and family made it that much better!

I am eager to get out and explore sighting areas closer to my Western Washington home for sign, reading more books and continuing the search.

A big thanks you to ALL of you on the expedition, for your help, guidance, and camaraderie. My hope is to do it all again and spend lots more time with this learned group.

Jim Von


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