2009 Central Georgia Expedition

Dates: March 5-8, 2009 (Thurs. - Sun.)

This will be the third BFRO expedition held in Georgia. The first two targeted areas in the North Georgia mountains. The first expedition had one good night of activity, but the sasquatches did not come very close (approx. 100 yards). Distant sounds were heard on the second GA expedition in the northern mountains, but nothing else happened.

See the newspaper article regarding first BFRO expedition in Georgia

No expedition report was put together after the second BFRO expedition in Georgia, because not enough activity happened on that trip to justify a report.

The North Georgia mountains have very rugged terrain and a limited number of open roads. This makes it difficult for us to quickly spread out in a target area at night, and makes it easy very easy for the sasquatches to avoid the limited areas that humans can get to easily.

The target area for the 2009 expedition will be in central Georgia. There are no public reports in the BFRO sightings database for this area. However, we have good second-hand information that many local people in this area (most of whom do not have Internet access) have seen or heard these animals. Moreover, there are various ecological ingredients that would make the area very attractive to sasquatches, and we'll be able to move freely around in the area.

This expedition is currently being organized by Georgia researcher Matt Pruitt. At this time he is accepting requests for participation by non-members. You can contact him to inquire via email ( after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.

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