2009 Michigan Upper Peninsula Expedition

Dates: May 21-24, 2009 (Thurs. - Sun.)

This will be the third BFRO expedition in the Michigan Upper Peninsula (UP).

The first BFRO expedition in the UP attracted national media attention, after a local newspaper story about the upcoming expedition made its way onto the news wire services. Usually we do not encourage news media reports about BFRO expeditions, especially prior to an expedition, but we needed the help of the local news media beforehand for that one, after the advance team scouted initial areas proposed for the expedition and strongly felt those areas would not be particularly attractive to sasquatches.

We needed more recent information from the UP, so we contacted a small newspaper asking them to write a story saying we were coming to the area and we wanted to speak with any recent witnesses. It was a desperate last minute move, but it turned out to be very fortuitous. As expected, several witnesses came forward as a result of the local media exposure
, including a handful of unrelated witnesses near Marquette. One of those witnesses was a medical professional in Marquette. He and his wife took us to a place where two incidents had happened a year apart while walking their dogs.

When we saw the area for the first time, we were impressed. It was perfect, at least for this region. The handful of credible incidents in this region occurred along high ground divides between large watersheds that flowed in opposite directions. The area had that ingredient, and more. It was a dense, lush forest besides with uneven topography where one could seek protection from driving winter winds. The area was also full of deer. This first UP expedition yielded some observations with thermal imagers and several recordings of distant vocalizations.

The next expedition in 2008 took place before the foliage had returned, which helped the group learn the area much better.

BFRO organizer Bernie Martin is organizing this expedition. He organized the second expedition, and co-organized the first one, after wisely determining that the initial target areas were inadequate. At this time, Bernie is accepting requests for participation by non-members. You can contact him to inquire via email ( after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.

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