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Fall 2024 Missouri Bigfoot Expedition

October 10-13, 2024 (Thursday-Sunday)

BFRO organizers bring participants to areas where they will have encounters with Bigfoots at night. The odds of success depend on their selection of locations, among other things. Selecting the best locations depends upon sighting/encounter information -- the more, the better -- so the BFRO selects organizers who have the most information in a given state, and who have experience organizing trips there.

 BFRO organizer Mary Ann Ziebell will be leading the Fall 2024 expedition. She has attended several BFRO expeditions and she connects with other bigfoot researchers ("bigfooters")  in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Last year she offered to organize a Missouri expedition for the BFRO. This Spring she finally got her chance. Attendees were impressed. Not only was the expedition very well organized for a first-timer, but her prior footwork and location scouting was evident. She found a great location. The amount of optics gear on hand was impressive, in large part due to her prior networking with well equippied bigfooters who she encouraged to attend.

The Missouri has a long history of bigfoot sightings. The terrain is similar to the terrain in southeastern Oklahoma. The region is full of deer, fed  by copious amounts of acorns from endless hardwood forests.This region has not yet been turned into a tree farm of small pines for paper pulp, like in so many other states, though it is also facing that same presssure to monetize private tracts of forest that way.

The dates chosen for the Fall expedition means that the moon will set around midnight. It will be very dark from midnight til dawn. In those circumstances sasquatches tend to get very active after the moon has set. They have better cover in total darkness. If there are bigfoots in the area they will become more vocal not long after it becomes very dark. And they are more likely to approach human intruders in the woods, and approach them much more closely compared to moonlit circumstances. Hence, thermal cameras will have better odds at spotting them.

 The leaves will be falling from the trees at this time of year also, making the ground cover very crunchy so it will be easier to hear animal movement in the woods from a distance.


To register for this expedition please send an email to after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.




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