DHS Squirrel

2024 Ohio BFRO Expeditions

SPRING TRIP:  May 16 (Thursday) - 19 (Sunday)
FALL TRIP:  September 12 (Thursday) - 15 (Sunday)

BFRO organizers bring participants to areas where they will have encounters with Bigfoots at night. The odds of success depend on their selection of locations, among other things. Selecting the best locations depends upon sighting/encounter information -- the more, the better -- so the BFRO selects organizers who have the most information in a given state, and who have experience organizing trips there.

The 2024 Ohio Bigfoot Expeditions will be led by Dusty Ruth. Dusty has led all the Ohio BFRO expeditions over the past few years. He knows many great hotspots. Consequently he has many regulars who attend all of his trips. He selects basecamps with a high likelihood for bigfoots to walk into the camp at night.

To sign up for this trip please read the instructions on the Expedition FAQ page

See also: Article about a prior Ohio BFRO expedition in Popular Mechanics Magazine.