2009 Ontario Expedition

Dates: June 18-21, 2009 (Thurs. - Sun.)

This will be the second BFRO expedition in Ontario. The first expedition (2007) targeted an area in Northern Ontario with a history of activity. There was an alleged Class A road crossing sighting by one participant, but not as much activity as was anticipated.

See the notes about the 2007 Ontario Expedition.

A few possible areas have already been identified for the 2009 Ontario expediton, but the Ontario BFRO is still open to suggestions for target zones, especially from recent eyewitnesses.

This expedition is currently being organized by Ontario investigator Todd Prescott, and will be assisted by Onil Das Gupta.

At this time Todd is accepting requests for participation by non-members. You can contact him to inquire via email (Ontario@BFRO.net) after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.


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