Oregon Cascades Expedition 2017

Native Oregonian Cindy Caddell is an archeologist with a bachelor's degree in anthropology. Her focus in school was native American legends related to sasquatches/bigfoots. Cindy has led BFRO expeditions in Oregon for the past few years. She knows where to go and organizes good expeditions.

Cindy lives in Bend now so she's eager to run an expedition on the east flank of the Cascades. She will take her group into the mountains of the Cascades within view of Mt. Jefferson. If that location doesn't yield responses and activity quickly she will lead the group to places further east where no organized bigfoot expeditions have been before. There are reliable reports from areas rich with deer and antelope further east than Bend.

The big advantage of locations east of the Cascades: They are much more suitable to long range photography, binoculars, etc. People observe sasquatches from a long distance out there. By far the best way to view a sasquatch(es) is from a distance because they might remain in view for a long while if they don't realize they've been spotted.



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