The Apache Bigfoot Newsletter

Members of the Mescalero and Jicarilla Apache tribes will be offering a free email newsletter with updates on local incidents and investigations.

Mescalero tribal lawyer, Carleton Naiche-Palmer Ph.D., (a grandson of Cochise) will administer the Apache Bigfoot Newsletter.

To subscribe to the Apache Bigfoot Newsletter please send an email to him at:

He will be reading and collecting the emails for now. In the next few months he will be working with Mescalero tribal librarian, Lillian Chavez, to assemble the first issue of the newsletter.

At this stage one should only expect a bi-annual newsletter (every six months).

Say the magic words for getting on the mailing list:

When you write your email asking to be added to Carleton and Lillian's mailing list, tell them a bit about yourself, and your level of interest in the subject, and do mention how appreciative and patient you will be, in exchange for getting on, and remaining on, their mailing list.

If you have some burning questions about the situation on the Mescalero IR, please add those questions to the email requesting a subscription. Look for answers in upcoming issues.

Any old stories need to be submitted in writing. You can walk in with a hard copy at the Mescalero Community Library, or (preferably) send an email to:

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