2009 East Texas Expedition

Dates: April 9-12, 2009 (Thurs. - Sun.)

This will be the second BFRO expedition in Texas.

See the discussion board notes regarding the first Texas BFRO expedition.

Of all the places that BFRO expeditions have taken place, this first expedition in North Texas in March was the first one to get bogged down in a freak snowstorm. Fortunately, the temperatures raised dramatically the following days and melted the snow. As you will see from the discussion board thread linked above, there were some interesting occurences, including a possible approach into the base camp in the wee hours of the morning, when the temperature was about 15 degrees Farenheit.
Aside from the apparent approaches of the first few days, there were no other close encounters after that point.

The BFRO receives a lot of information from Texas, mostly from the eastern half of the state. We've wanted to organize a public expedition in the eastern part of Texas for some time. Early Spring is ideal for an expedition in southeast Texas. Any later in the year would bring extreme heat and humidity for that region.

The BFRO invesitgator organizing this trip is the most experienced bigfoot expedition organizer in the state of Texas -- federal agent Troy Hudson.

Troy also organized the Texas expedition, and nearly all of the BFRO expeditions in Oklahoma. He has developed an active group in Texas which has been checking out various areas with repeat activity near private properties.
Those investigators have picked an area with a consistent history of activity for the 2009 expedition. It will be the first bigfoot-related effort in this zone.

The Texas BFRO will guide this expedition. THERE ARE NO SLOTS LEFT FOR NON-MEMBERS.

If you are a non-member who missed out on this upcoming Texas expedition, but you want to make sure that you don't miss out on the next BFRO trip in Texas, you can pay an advance registration fee. The fee can apply to any subsequent expedition anywhere in the country if you miss the next Texas trip too.

To reserve a slot for the next Texas expedition you must contact the Texas organizers. You will find their email address on the Expedition FAQ page. Please read that FAQ page before contacting them.

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