2011 BFRO Texas Expedition (All-Female)

by Matt Moneymaker, July 16, 2011

When: November 3-6, 2011 (Thurs. - Sun.)

Where: Forested area in East Texas

Who: Females only. Open to non-member females. See mentions of organizers below.


An all-female expedition group may be able to elicit more sustained interactions with sasquatches, which would provide better opportunities for observation and footage.

For the past seven years bigfoot field researchers have talked about the need for an all-female expedition. During that same period co-ed expedition groups in different parts of the country noticed that sasquatches seem to come closer to groups of females in the woods at night. No one ever felt that those approaches were for the purpose of attacking or abducting the females. Everyone involved thought the sasquatch(es) was simply curious about the human intruders in general, but they were much less intimidated by human females.

That's something familiar and accepted by researchers of other large primates. Chimps, gorillas and orangutans are noticably more at ease with human females. If those large primates know the difference between human males and females, then it's not a stretch to assume that a more intelligent large primate would know the difference as well.

How would sasquatches know the difference between human males and females?

People might assume that a large primate might figure out the difference by scent. The females in the encounter situations on expeditions say it was more likely due to the sound of their voices, because the approaches always happened as they were walking along trails at night, talking, giggling and laughing at normal volume.

The Texas 2011 expedition will be held at an East Texas hot spot where a small group of women were once approached and paralleled at close range as they strolled in the dark chatting to each other, and giggling and laughing. The paralleling was unusually close and sustained.

A few years ago the TV series Monster Quest featured an episode with an "all-female" bigfoot expedition. On camera, at least, it appeared to be an all-female expedition ... but the TV production crew was all-male. So ... it wasn't really an all-female expedition.

One of the organizers of that Washington venture, Monica Rawlins, will be an organizer for this BFRO expedition. She'll make sure it's done right, after seeing it done wrong. IF this expedition will be covered by a TV production crew (it might be), the TV crew will be all-female. It will really and sincerely be an all-female expedition group, no matter what. The 2011 BFRO Texas Expedition will be the very first large, females-only bigfoot expedition ever organized.

The four organizers (see photos on right) have organized or attended many bigfoot expeditions in various parts of the U.S., so they're familiar with various squatching routines developed by various BFRO state chapters, such as Pied Piper Knockers, Pied Piper with Straggler, Post-Provocation Straggler, Darkman Whistler, Dummy Camp, beckoning whoops, etc.

All of these ladies have been involved in bigfoot research for several years and have all been granted the "Bob Gimlin Seal of Approval" (see photos on right).

The four organizers have been around enough to know if the squatch action on the trip was of a different nature than what typical occurs in co-ed situations. If it seems to make a difference then same thing should be tried in different states, and those efforts should include at least some of the same women involved in this first special expedition in the wet part of Texas.

Please refer to the Expedition FAQ page for registration information (applies to every expedition). Although this expedition is open to non-member females, you are only considered a candidate initially when you inquire. You must first arrange to speak with one of the organizers by phone, then subsequently receive an invitation to register.

There are restrictions for any expedition (see expedition FAQ page), but there is a special restriction for this all-female expedition: You must be a female who does not have a deep husky voice.



People often imagine Texas as a vast prairie land divided into farms and ranches, with few stands of big timber in between. Indeed, much of Texas is like that, but when you get within an hour or two of the Lousiana border you find yourself in a very different type of environment. This is the wet part of Texas -- and extension of the big timber forests of northern Lousiana.

The wet parts of Texas hold the world's highest concentrations of whitetail deer -- bigfoot food.


Monica Rawlins is a gemologist in Dallas. She has organized several expeditions in Texas for the TBRC over the past four years. She also appeared in the MonsterQuest episode with the all-female bigfoot expedition in Washington State (filmed by the all-male crew from MonsterQuest ..).

sybillaSybilla Irwin is a school teacher outside San Antonio. She has co-organized expeditions for the BFRO in Texas and Oklahoma over the past four years, and has explored many BF haunts across the West.


Photo Credit: Tom Yamarone

Originally from Georgia, the Brotherton sisters are now proud Texans living in the North Dallas area. Shawn practices law and sister Rebecca is a homemaker and mother of three. Both have assisted with expeditions in the California Redwoods and elsewhere.


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