Washington (Area #3) Bigfoot Expedition

Aug 26 (Thursday) - Aug 31 (Tuesday),  2021

BFRO organizers bring participants to areas where they will have encounters with Bigfoots at night. The odds of success depend on their selection of locations, among other things. Selecting the best locations depends upon sighting/encounter information -- the more, the better -- so the BFRO selects organizers who have the most information in a given state, and who have experience organizing trips there.

Investigator Kirk Brandenburg will be leading this expedition.  He is heading back to the location of a private expedition where 8 people had an incredible encounter last year late at night, with serious whoops, knocks and a tree pushed over. Many people in the BFRO have had visual encounters at night over the years at this same location. It is many miles from the location of the WA#1 and WA#2 expedition, further to the south.

A contingent of California BFRO investigators will be joining him for this trip because the area has such a good track record for activity in late August. 

The first two posted Washington expeditions for 2021 are full or nearly full. That's partly why a third expedition is being added to the schedule. The other reason: Brandenburg was going to do a private expedition anyway at this location on these dates -- 7 days total, if you choose to stay that long (Most will stay for just the first 4 days). He's opening up that private expedition to new people.

To register for this expedition please send an email to after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.

Expedition Leader : Kirk Brandenburg

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