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2023 Washington Olympic Peninsula Expedition

Dates: August 24 - 27 (Thurs. - Sun.)
THIS TRIP IS FULL. No slots available.

There may be more sasquatches on the Olympic Pennisula ("OP") than anywhere else in North America. Below the 1,500 foot level around the OP there are sprawling, lush rainforests with hundreds of salmon tributaries, thousands of black-tailed deer, and untold numbers of Roosevelt elk.

On prior expeditions to this region when the group (a mixture of newbies and experienced people) separated into small teams (4-5 teams), and each team made provocation sounds in different creeks or rivers near the coast, most if not all teams reported encounters ... on the first night ... which almost never happens in other parts of the continent.

Typically, in other parts of the continent, only one or two teams along different creeks might get lucky on the first night.

When every team has an encounter in a different creek on the same night ... there is reason to believe that each creek/river in the region harbors at least one resident family of sasquatches.

BFRO investigators Kirk Brandenburg and  John Ray will be leading this expedition.

To register for the 2023 Washington Olympic Peninsula Bigfoot Expedition see the BFRO expeditions FAQ page.

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