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WV '06 Expedition - Notes from Various Participants

These notes were posted to the private message forum used by expedition members.



From David Pardue:

Thanks to all at the BFRO for the best time I've had in my life. Never thought I would be within a few yards of a bigfoot, up close and personnel! Look forward to future trips with the BFRO. Your fellow bigfooter, David Pardue


From Steve Willis:

Come on Dave, share the wealth with those of us who couldn't attend! What did you see/hear?

From Pardue: We had it all happen at once sat night. my team NC (3) people got run out of a trail by mult biggies. returned with 13 others, got howls, rocks, and sticks thrown at us. they were yards from us. i will let the others tell you the rest. fear meter was off the chart!!!!!!!!!!

From Chris Peterson:

Amen to Pardue! What a blast! All of my previous days on these two expeds were suddenly worth it! Funny thing was, I didn't have any fear this time. Then again, I didn't experience the hair-on-end/instant dread that the other 3 NC folks experienced when they first went up that holler! (I was about to go to bed at the campground when the 2nd trip up was forming, and got swept up in the excitement.) So, even though rocks and rotten logs were being hurled (accurately, very accurately!) within 25-30 feet of me (or 10 feet, the time I was about to go pee, that one was directed at me, not even the apes don't want to see Little CP? ) I didn't have fear! And we heard some faint urngh urngh urngh grunting, too. Nope, for me, I felt pretty darned peaceful and satisifed. This is what we came for, it's what we came up this holler for, it's what we called them in for, and here they are! Doing what they do! Dang, they're so real. : ) I'm just jabbering informally now. More later. Oh, and at the end of that hour or so of fun? We found a stick structure on the way back down, said to be fresh by those who were checking left & right on the trip up.

Didn't smell 'em, didn't touch 'em, and I, personally didn't see 'em, even the eye shine, but I know they were there. The next day we saw some things that made us suspect one was watching us from 15' away, right in front of us in the creekbed. And while we were having that chaotic/tense hour in that dark little holler? Off in the far distance, a powerful Ohio-type howl went off. Far away, but you could tell it was strong. Perhaps related to the first night of coon hunting season? The dogs were out.

From Kari V.:

This was a great experience for me. I was a little skeptical before going. I am a believer now. When we (the North Carolina group) went up into the holler, I did a tree smack before climbing the trail. Now I am not sure I should have done that cause it seemed that the big guy wasn't too pleased with us being there. We got to the top and no longer did we shut out the lights and sit down. We heard a howl and a tree smack. Then a rock came flying down @ Tracker and we all got that strange hair raising feeling. I could hardly walk down the mountain. We got back and gathered 10 more people to make 13. We went back up and got a hair raising but wonderful show from the big guy.

Thanks to BFRO I am a true time believer.

From Patty Lee:

Although some of you know (not all of you do), I did see a biggie 15 feet from Olof off the path. Seconds later there was a rock thrown at him and he came hurrying towards our group. I was hesitant to say anything because I wasnt sure if what I was seeing was what I WAS SEEING. When Olof returned to the area the next time (15 minutes later or so)- the figure was gone....leading me to believe the figure was not a tree with arms and legs covered in hair. ehem. I saw eyeshine and a tree swaying above the area Olof was in. I believe the rock that grazed the tree came from that BF. There were at least 3 in this area. It was dark in there. We went back to the area the next day to video the terrain. We found possible toe imprints in a bunker-like area in the creekbed 15 feet from our position. That is where we believe the rock came from that was hurled at Chris (CP). There was no leaf litter. Other areas along the creekbed showed trampled down leaves. More details to follow..I hope Olof puts his video of the area on here. You will all see what I'm talking about. All in all a very exciting time.