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2024 West Virgnia Bigfoot Expedition

October 3 - 6 (Thurs. - Sun.)

BFRO organizers bring expedition participants to areas where they will have encounters with Bigfoots at night. The odds of success depend on their selection of locations, among other things. r>
Selecting the best locations depends upon sighting/encounter information -- the more, the better -- so the BFRO selects organizers who have the most information in a given state, and who have experience organizing trips there.

ThThe organizer of this trip is Larry Sidwell,  who has attended several BFRO expeditions over the years.

West Virginia is often overshadowed by Ohio in terms of media attention related to bigfoots. Prior to the Internet there seemed to be relatively few sightings etc. reported in West Virginia, compared to Ohio and Pennsylvania, likely because there were no monthly meetings for bigfoot researchers as had been happening in Ohio for many years, and occasionally in Pennsylvania.

Once the Internet came around in the 1990's and the BFRO provided an easy way to report sightings, West Virgina reports started to come in at a decent rate.

The BFRO conducted a few expeditions in West Virgnia prior to "Finding Bigfoot". Then the BFRO did three episode, partly or fully in West Virginia, for the TV series.

Larry Sidwell is taking registrations for this trip. You will be put in touch with him if you follow the instructions on the Frequently Asked Questions page.






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