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West Virginia Expedition Report - April 2005

Some preliminary details about the WV Expeditions.

The expeditions took place in Pocohantas County. The two areas of interest were in the vicinity of the Greenbrier River, which runs north-to-south through the county.

Most of the history of purported incidents in this region was provided various long-time BF researchers from surrounding states who were familiar with reputed hot spots in the state. There were a handful of published and non-published reports submitted to the BFRO suggesting activity near the Greenbrier River, as well as a mountainous area to the northwest.

During the expedition there was a Class B daylight sighting -- click here for more on that.

There were a handful of Class B sound incidents, including two stalking incidents.

In one of those stalking incidents rocks were apparently thrown into the river at night, similar to what local fisherman had reported. Click here for more on that incident.


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