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San Diego Giganto Replica

New Life-sized Replica of Gigantopithecus at Museum of Man in San Diego

George York, designer of the Gigantopithecus replica, put the finishing touches on his creation after installing it at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park, Monday morning. The primate is part of the new Footsteps Through Time exhibit.

Photo Credit: Dan Trevan / San Diego Union-Tribune

Gigantopithecus ("Giganto") is an important topic among Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers because Bigfoots are believed to be descendents of Gigantos .

Two important points about the facial features of this new Giganto replica:

  • As with humans ancestors, there would have been distinct changes to their facial appearance after 400,000 years of evolution. They may even be distinct species at this stage.

  • The overall proportions of the Giganto body can be calculated with great confidence based on the sizes and shapes of fossilized Giganto jaws and teeth. However, the soft tissue facial features are always "best guesses", and are usually influenced heavily (perhaps too heavily) by the facial features of Gigantos' other closest living relatives -- Orangutans.

Two articles from the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper about the new Giganto replica in the Museum of Man:

More information about the potential connection between Gigantos and Bigfoots/Sasquatches:

Request for BFRO contacts in the San Diego area:

We'd like more photos of this replica. It is currently positioned to allow people to stand next to it while having their photos taken. We'd like to see full body shots showing the size comparison with humans -- and other photos from various angles, showing the arms, hands, feet, etc.

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