BFRO Town Hall Meetings
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are these town hall meetings for the TV
series "Finding Bigfoot" ? Will the cast
members appear at the meetings?

A: Some meetings will be taped for TV, and
"Finding Bigfoot" cast members will appear at some
meetings but not all. These things cannot be
disclosed beforehand for various reasons.


Q: How long are the meetings?
What is the schedule?

A: Not all meetings will be uniform in schedule.
For some meetings doors will open at 10am
and the meeting will end around 4pm. For other
meetings doors will open at 11am and the meeting
will end at 5:00pm.

There will be a 10 minute break every hour
followed by a 10 minute video or audio presentation.

There will be a 60 minute-long intermission.


Q:What if I'm a witness? Should I let someone know in advance?

A:Yes, if you're a local witness who would be
willing to speak at the meeting please let us know.
Send an email to the email address shown on the
details page for that meeting for witnesses
and media contacts.

If the address for Missouri witnesses and media contacts
is "" then you should be able
to correctly surmize the witness address for your own
town hall meeting without looking it up.

Q: Is my registration refundable or transferable?

A: Registration is transferable but not
. If you miss a meeting then you are allowed
to attend a different meeting. Please keep the organizer
informed about changes like that.

Q: Are children allowed? Is there a discount for children?

A: These meetings are not recommended for children 6 or under but parents caring for children in this age group will not be turned away.

A small child will receive free admittance if the child can sit on a parent's lap the whole time and not need a separate seat.

Tickets are half price for children 12 or under who will need a separate seat.

If you need to buy a ticket for one child (or any odd number of children) then you will need to contact the organizer to arrange payment, but only after your adult ticket is purchased first.

If you need to buy tickets for an even number of children (2, 4, 6, etc.) then simply purchase one ticket for every two children.

Q: Will the ticket price increase as the meeting date approaches?

A: Yes, the ticket price will increase as the number of available seats decreases, just like with airline tickets. This ensure availability of seats for those people who eagerly want to attend but didn't but tickets early enough.


Q: Can I just register at the door ?

A: Registration happens only online. The door staff
will only be able to check your name against their
list of registrants.

Adults need to bring photo ID.


Q: What happens at a "bigfoot town hall meeting" ?

A: The TV series "Finding Bigfoot" gives you some idea:
Local people describe their encounters with local bigfoots.
Bigfoot researchers ask questions and offer insight.

These non-televised meetings will be much more than that.

The witness interviews will involve virtual fly-overs of the
sighting areas using Google Earth imagery on a projection
screen. After telling the stories witnesses will direct the
aerial imagery to the exact spots, and then investigators
will guide the rest of the virtual explorations, looking for
several things including proximity to other known sighting
locations, and probable pathways between those locations.

These meetings will be both learning and teaching
opportunities for BFRO researchers. Attendees
will absorb the BFRO's process as researchers ask
witnesses for contextual details, and ask input from
local hunters and fishermen among the audience.

Local hunters will be asked about local deer
-- their migratory patterns and sanctuary preferences.
Fisherman in the audience will be ask about local
creeks, marshes, lakes and ponds. The host may
pass around wireless mics and laser pointers to
local hunters and fishermen so they can guide the
aerial imagery to lcoal places of ecological interest.

There will be 10 minute long AV presentations
interspersed among the witness talks. Certain AV
segments will show authentic video and audio
of bigfoots, some you have never seen or heard before.

Anyone hoping to have an encounter with a bigfoot
needs to instantly recognize bigfoots sounds, both
subtle and overt. By the end of the meeting every
attendee will be familiar with the various sounds
that bigfoots make.


Q: How will these meetings help bigfoot research?

A: Long-term bigfoot research can happen when a
researcher has access to a bigfoot habitat zone in
his/her general vicinity (i.e. the county and adjacent
counties) enabling the researcher to return easily.

Figuring out those areas from scratch is difficult and
frustrating, because a researcher cannot feel confident
that he/she is following credible leads unless the
researcher speaks directly with those witnesses
who provided the leads.

At a BFRO town hall meeting bigfoot researchers will
meet several witnesses from the general vicinity.
With the guidance of those witnesses the researchers
can find out exactly where to go, and can stand exactly
where a bigfoot once stood.

It is remarkably enlightening to stand where a bigfoot
once stood, especially when you've been to a few
different encounter locations. Several things become
starkly apparent without any hints. The unique knowledge
taught during BFRO expeditions, combined with meeting
credible local witnesses during town hall meetings, is
the fast track to that special enlightenment.

We anticipate these meetings will become the
foundation for increased cooperation among local
bigfoot field researchers and local bigfoot witnesses
-- especially rural families with ongoing activity
on their land.



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