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Warren County, New York



  • August 2018 (Class A) - Motorist sighting at night approx 2 miles from NY/VT state line outside Whitehall
  • July 2009 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard by campers In Lake Luzerne area
  • August 2007 (Class B) - Female hiker describes rocks being thrown at her and female companion near Sabbath Day Point
  • Summer 1980-82 (Class B) - Possible stalking of hikers on Prospect Mt. near Lake George
  • March 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard near Sabbath Day Point
  • Summer 2002 (Class B) - Possible wood knocking near town of North River
  • May 2002 (Class B) - Possible vocalizaitons heard approx. two miles from Sabbath Day Point
  • August 2000-2001 (Class B) - Campers describe a possible approach to a camp near Lake George, Adirondacks
  • May 2001 (Class B) - Possible sighting by camper in wee hours at Sabbath Day Point, Lake George
  • July 1998 (Class B) - Investigator finds 8 inch diameter sapling snapped in two, 6 feet from ground
  • Summer 1992, '93 (Class B) - At Sabbathday Point, Family Reports strange sounds near their cabin
  • October 1992 (Class A) - Stand-off with motorist at 6AM in fall, near town of Brant Lake
  • Spring 1990 (Class A) - Dusk sighting on shoreline of Lake George at Deer Leap

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