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Report # 1059  (Class A)
Submitted by C.C. on Tuesday, August 17, 1999.
Father relates sighting to son that occurred near Littlefork
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YEAR: 1983


MONTH: October

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Koochiching County

LOCATION DETAILS: Moose Lake, near Littlefork, Koochiching County, 20 miles south of Canadian border.

OBSERVED: I am writing this with what my father had told me after he came home from hunting. he was hunting neer a very small lake in a very remote area. He was about 35 in front of "Bigfoot" and what ever it was crossed his path without even seeing my father. My father came home that evening in amazment and was very agitated. he just kept shaking his head and saying NO NO NO. its not something that he tells a lot people beause he thinks that people will not believe him But his brother was with him and claims to of seen the same thing. !!!AND!!! I have other friends that live in the same area, they hunt and jetski in this area it is called Moose lake. I know of others that claim to have encountered the same exact thing.

ALSO NOTICED: Many people are kind of leary of this area because of these sighting.This lake still attracts local peole for swimming and jetskiing. Some people still go neer this lake as if they are not scard even with all of the local rumors.

OTHER WITNESSES: The people that I know saw it while swimming in this lake, and my father seen it while he was hunting for partridges.

ENVIRONMENT: It took place in a very remote area outside of a very small town in the very tip of northern Minnesota. Neer a very small dirty lake. The lake is far away from any people, and is at the end of a long dirt road. And the lake is in the middle of a thick pine forest, and hunters only enter the area.

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