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Report # 11248  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, April 10, 2005.
A series of sound reports, footprint finds and a sighting from a family living near New London
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YEAR: 1998-00

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


COUNTY: Huron County

LOCATION DETAILS: South of New London close to SR 60.

NEAREST TOWN: New London, Ohio

NEAREST ROAD: St. Rt. 60 North

OBSERVED: This incedent took place in the mid to end of summer of 1999. We were in the woods south of town in the hopes to find the plant "gensing". The timber in the area is very old with dense undergrouth. Now before I continue the story I have a few other things to let you know about this area.

There are stories of coon hunters hearing this sound and having there dogs come running back to them with their tales tucked. They say that what ever it is, it is not anything they have ever heard.

All of the things I am telling you are very true. They have all happened within 5-10 miles of each other.

back to my Dad and I. We were walking through the woods when this very loud, sort ofrumbley growling howl. I dont know but I have spent many many hours in the woods and have never ever heard a sound like this. When we heard this sound all of my hair stood up on the back of my kneck. I turned to my father and with fright said, "what was that". With his eyes enlarged he replyed, "i dont know". Needless to say that had ended our hunt for genseng. On our way out of the woods we heard the same sound three times. It was almost like the sound was that of letting us know we were too close to what ever it was.

Now listen to this. Believe it or not the next summer my dad had returned to the same stretch of woods about 2 miles from the previous year. Again he was hunting for genseng and goldenseal. He had come home early from his hunt which is not usual. When he came home I had asked him if he had found anything and he said, "no but I saw something that shouldnt have been there". He said that he was walking through the hills and had to cross the creek bottom. There in the creek bottom was a footprint. He said that he looked at it for a minute and then said to himself, "there shouldnt be anyone out here in bare feet". the closest house is about a half a mile from where he said that he was. Needless to say that was the last time that we have ever went to those woods. Ocassionaly we walk the railroad tracks that run adjacent to the milesw of woods that run that creek bottom. Every time we are in the area we get this fealling that something is watching us. You know what I am talking about. All the hair stands up on your kneck and you get the fealing that that you are not welcome there at the time. Wtihout ignoring this feeling we just turn and walk away.

I hope I am interesting you because I really believe "bigfoot" to be real.

Now here is why I strongly believe on top of all these things I have told you about.

My brother was driving down the road at a late hour of the night. He was driving down the raod with two girls in the car, lucky him. The same roud that runs north and south of the sight were my father seen the footprint. As he came to crest of a small hill he said that he ahd seen this set of redish looking eyes. To the right side of the road is a corn field that boarders the woods. Mind you the corn is at full growth. As he got closer to the eyes he said that what ever it was stood up and was at least one foot above the corn. The two girls turned and emediately started crying in fear of what they had just seen. He said that she just kept telling Justin, mybrother, to take her home, take me home now is what she told him. Justin said that as they approached the eyes they stood above the corn. In aww he stoped the car a faced the headlights at the creature. He said that the animal turned and looked back at them for about three seconds. he described the animal as being fury and having a greyish light colored "V" shape of hair down its chest. He said that as it turned he was amazed by the size of the creature. To this day one of the girls that was with im will NOT talk about what she seen that night. The other girl will slap you if you even bring it up because it scares her soo bad. My brother still has not hunted or fished that area scince he has seen that creature.

Three years later my mom was on her way to work. It was early morning, just light enough to see without headlights. When she crossed the bridge, the same bridge that crosses the tracks that run down these woods, she said that she saw this very large man lookinmg hairy thing walking down the railroad tracks. She said that what ever it was, it was not human. She said that it had to be atleast 8 feet tall and very hairy. She said that she thought about turning around to see just what the heck this thing was but she could not build up the courage.

I really do know with out any doubt that bigfoot is real. The type of cover that i have seen on the internet that people have described as bigfoot teritory is the ide4al cover around these sightings. I hope you take my stories serious and i would like to know if you fallow up on the study of these in the area.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 mom dad and brother other hunters in the town

TIME AND CONDITIONS: morning to mid day, brother's sighting was at night

ENVIRONMENT: hard woods. rolliong hills and some pine trees with thick undercover

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Steven P:

In accordance with the BFRO Classification System, this report is a Class B until such time as I speak with the other family members. As the witness is relaying information from family members, which he found believable, and was credible during the interview, this report does merit inclusion in the BFRO database available to the public. I do hope to speak with the family witnesses, especially the brother, in the future. I have also requested the assistance of the witness in getting permission to enter the property. The witness has relocated to the western U.S. since the time of these incidents.

Full growth Ohio corn is quite tall, seven feet at a minimum would be a reasonable estimate . It would provide good cover in the late summer as one can only see five to ten feet into a field most times from adjoining roads. Corn would also be a plentiful food source. The mother's height estimate of eight feet, and the ability to see eye shine above the level of the corn, are consistent in my opinion.

There is also an old quarry in proximity to the area where these events happened. The witness was surprised to learn of the number of Ohio reports where a quarry is a nearby land feature.

While adjoining counties have had reports, especially those to the east, this is the first report I am aware of for Huron County. Huron County is a largely rural area, comprised of crop fields and some fairly large woods. The terrain in the eastern portions of the county would be characterized as rolling with small creeks and rivers.

6/9/05 - These comments were submitted to the BFRO, they are added here for informational purposes.
Hello, My name is B. B., I am the lady who awhile back reported an incident I witnessed years ago in Preston County West Virginia. Rec'd a call from a gentleman from your org a few months ago, etc.
My comment is regarding the recent class B report from Huron county OH. I live just outside Savannah Ohio which is about 10-12 minutes south of New London Ohio. Rt 60 S. to 250. I have lived in Ashland County almost all of my life, and Northern Ashland county for the last Ten years. I have heard tree knocks here, living on our family farm (located on US 42 between Ashland OH and West Salem OH (Wayne Co) not knowing what they were then as I was a child.
My former boss relayed that he was outside doing yard work at his home on Rt 545 just south of Savannah OH years back, and he saw a "Big Monkey" looking at him from the trees. You can have his phone number if you want it to corroberate what I'm telling you. (He may not like telling it, but he is a truthful man.)
Living here all these years, I can tell you that almost all of this area is prime territory for any predator as there is a large abundance of cover, water, farm animals, wildlife,let's not forget the HUGE deer population, orchards, alot of wild berries of every kind, etc. and although houses are being built on a regular basis out here, development is still pretty sparse. Anything could live out here, and if it were primarily nocturnal, without much interference from people. Alot of folks farm, but alot of property is un-used or densely wooded. Large tracts, hundreds of acres that are just divided up by a dirt road or two.
I hope you will have someone look further into this area, and ask around. You may find out that more people know about bigfoot here but are just not talking about it. Farmers especially. Reputation and integrity mean more than money here. And everyone knows everyone. If farmer Joe spots a big hairy monster and tells farmer John, everyone at the weekly tractor auction will think farmer Joe suddenly a liar or has lost his reasoning. I'm sure it's like that everywhere you go.
Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you B.B. for the comment, we do hope to look further into the area and see what we can find if we can secure access from property owners.

Another person has been prompted to send in a report from this general area. The report does not include any specific sighting; it is about a gate being broken open and some vocalizations around the same timeframe as this report. The property is located approximately 10 miles to the south and the east of this report. The double width gate, although five years older, is substantial with an electrified line running at the top of it, just under 48 inches from ground level. The hardware of the hinges and the two tubular sliding latches are also of solid construction, for something or someone to tear this gate apart it would take considerable force. All of the hardware showed that the gate was opened by force and not by manipulating the latches. The witness reported that he could not find tire marks, chain marks or other evidence that would lead him to believe it was the work of vandals, not to mention the gates were left laying in opposite directions. The following paragraph is from his report submission, which has been evaluated as Class C. I interviewed this family and also visited the property and found them credible. There may be a logical, ordinary explanation to what this witness found, but he and I eliminated most on the basis of how most farm animals react to electrified fencing, the solid construction of the gate, the condition of the gates when he found them and the lack of any evidence of vehicles being involved.

I was coming home from work and as I past My side field, I noticed the rear gate, which led to the rear of the farm appeared to have been left open. My wife had been dumping manure back there on the pile a couple times a week. Naturally, I assumed she had accidently left the gate open. When I got into the house and told her, she informed me that she hadn't dumped that day. So I trudged out there and as I got close, I was amazed that the gates were mangled and flipped off their hinges. These gates are electrified, as well as the fencing, to keep predators out and the livestock in. I have seen deer on many occasions jump this fence with ease and I have heard coyotes and stray dogs touch it at night and howl themselves as they'd take off. As I came up to these mangled gates, My first impression was that "Something touched the wires and snapped in anger." One gate was "thrown" forward and the other one was swung back so hard that it ripped the screws out on the hinge. The second thought I had was that if I lived in the Pacific Northwest that it would have had to have been Bifoot. At that time, that's the only place that I had known of them to be seen. So I dimissed this as ridiculous and assumed that a deer must have got snagged somehow, because I had found some reddish brown hair on the fence. I thought at the time the hair was a little too long and soft to be from a deer. But, you got to remember, I didn't believe there were any bigfoot around here. About a year ago, I finally got a computer and came across your site. I check it regulary and did some research only to discover other sightings(A&B) around here. Most recenctly #11248 with the addition of the Savannah incidents. I've wanting to write you, but, did a "wait and see". I felt that it was time, at least to add credence to the other stories I read. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, those gates had steel slides and straps that were snapped off to. I'm supprised the livestock didn't go out that gate.

About BFRO Investigator Steven P:

Chief administrative officer of a unit of local government, a consultant and community faculty member.

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