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Report # 1131  (Class B)
Submitted by witness T.B. on Monday, January 8, 2001.
Hunter hears strange noises near Montesano
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YEAR: 1998,2000

SEASON: Winter

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Dont know any road names to give directions, But I can find out if someone wants to know.

NEAREST TOWN: Humptulips, Cosmopolis, Montesano

NEAREST ROAD: not sure

OBSERVED: First of all I'm 18 yrs old and I've had 4 encounters with bigfoot. My first encounter was 2 years ago with my uncle up towards Humtulips. We were goin hunting for bear and cougar. We had to park right next to the highway at a locked gate and walk in. After walking a while, probably about 2 miles we start goin around this corner and somthing to our right about 50-75yds in front of us in the thick brush started banging what sounded like a rather large stick/club against a tree. We both stopped and looked at each other and I asked him do u hear that and he replyed yes, Then i asked him what it was and he didnt have a clue and I thought that was strange cause he spends every minute he can in the woods, he has his whole life. Then after we stoped for a minute the pounding stoped then we start walking towards it and it started pounding again. The only thing going through my mind was bigfoot, so just to be safe I loaded a 30-06 cartridge into my chamber. Every little bit we would stop and the pounding would stop until we got right up to it. We looked around but couldnt see anything it was so thick and we listened for somthing to take off running but we never heard anything so we proceeded on and never heard anything from it again. After I got home I was thinking about it and I thought maybe it was a bear slamming a smaller tree onto a fallen log but bigfoot just stuck in my head for some reason I knew it wasnt a bear, it was just to weird, then about a month later on the news there was a bigfoot expert on and he described what I heard exactly. He said he thinks that it is a warning of some kind.

The next 3 happened all last year in 2000.

The first one of the year was when me and 2 friends were camping out at Humptulips. We have been sitting around the campfire for a while now with LOUD music playin the whole time we were there and it was about 1am and we all decided to get some sleep so we got in the tent and we were layin there for about 5 maybe 10 min at the most and somthing about 30ft from our tent picked up a rather large rock and dropped it on the ground, i sat up right away and said did u guys hear that and only one of my friends did so I grabbed a flashlight and went out there and there was nothing to be seen, but it wouldnt be that hard to hide when its pitch black out and theres woods all around. Everyone says it was probably somthing just kicked a rock, It wasnt, somthing picked up a rock and dropped it. It didnt skip on the ground like if something would have kicked it, it was one solid thud. If you know somthin that would or could pick up a rather large rock and just drop it I would like to hear from you cause the only thing I can think of it being is bigfoot.

The second encounter was with my friend deer hunting. We were out in the black creek area and we pulled up to this clearing and got out of the truck and not even 30 seconds out I heard the pounding like with my first encounter 2 yrs ago, we sat there for a little bit listening and it kept goin and wasnt stopping so we decided to try and find it. We went down the road and stopped every once in a while to listen for it and we finally found a canyon closer to it then another one started but then the first one got farther away. It was like they were communicating by it, one would pound on a tree then stop then the other one would start. We never did find them it was starting to get dark so we decided to head home and that was the last of that one. I havent been back to that area since but i plan on it soon.

The third encounter was out in north river on the c line. I was elk hunting with my grandpa and we took a spur off the main road and we drove down and found a beaver pond frozen and we stopped and ate and bout 15min later we started to head back out and my grandpa looked down a dead end spur and we got just past it and he slammed on his breaks and said I just seen bigfoot so he put it in reverse and went back fast but it was gone. So we drove down to take a look and but couldnt find it although we found about 5 grouse beds and a pile of grouse feathers and a grouse leg in the middle of it, the feathers were in a neat pile and i thought that was wierd. Then as im looking around I found one visible track from the bigfoot and it was bigger than the size 13 boot I was wearing and I can also see a trail of footprints not very clear prints but they were leading back into the woods with grouse feathers from a different grouse on the trail. Im looking around in the trees and i can see where it was sneaking around through the trees up to the grouse, so we must have caught it when it was eating. Not right when I got there but after a little bit of looking around I noticed a smell, it wasnt very strong like ive heard of a bigfoot smell but there definatly was a different smell there. I havent been back to that site since that day but I want to, I wanna set up a camera so I can get a good picture of it.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1st- 2, me and my uncle
2nd- 3 were there but 2 heard it, me, and 2 friends
3rd- 2, me and my friend
4th- 2, me and my grandpa

TIME AND CONDITIONS: All except the one were during the day, and were all over cast.

ENVIRONMENT: 1st encounter (1998)-thick brush and big timber
2nd encounter (2000)-right at the humptulips river with timber almost all around and a bluff on the other side of the river.
3rd encounter (2000)-this was all in tall timber, evergreens
4th encounter(2000)-pretty tall timber, very thick and dark

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