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Report # 115  (Class A)
Submitted by witness D.H. on Saturday, August 19, 2000.
Young girls have daylight sighting near their home
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YEAR: 76

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 15

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Holmes County

LOCATION DETAILS: Esto,Fl. is located right on the Fl., Al. line in Holmes County. Dothan,Al. or Enterprise,Al. would be the closest larger cities nearby. Hwy 167 out of Enterprise will run right into Hwy. 79 where Esto, located.



OBSERVED: My brother had built a hut (fort) in the woods right at the edge of the woods by our home. That morning, my little sister (age 5) and myself (age 9) went out to the hut. It was just after daybreak. The first thing we noticed was the smell. It was awful, very foul. We then heard something large walking through the woods. At this point, I grabbed my sister and ran into the gully behind the hut to hide. After we were in the gully, we heard a growling sound. It would growl for a few minutes and then stop, and then growled one more time. Then we saw this huge thing standing at the edge of the woods. It was very tall, and broad. It was standing there on two legs with a human-like shape. It had hair that was brownish/red in color.This was not a bear. It was standing approximately 50 to 70 feet from us. The trees and bushes were obscurring it a small amount.
It walked up to within a few feet of the hut, then turned and walked away.
We were terrified. After it left, we ran home.

ALSO NOTICED: I remember a very bad smell and a very distinctive noise that it was making. I grew up in those woods and I never heard anything like that before. I was very young myself but that was an experience I will never forget as long as I live.

OTHER WITNESSES: It was just me and my baby sister.I have asked her many times if she remembers anything but she was to young.

OTHER STORIES: Yes,actually I have. When I became old enough to investigate I searched and read everything I could get my hands on. It wasn't long when I discovered that a preacher around that very same time and place had a Bigfoot chase his car.It was not something in your daily conversation back then so I didn't really tell alot of people.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning hours,it was just beginning to get really hot.It was your usual summer morning in Florida.

ENVIRONMENT: It happened behind the old two-story house that I grew up in as a kid. The area back then was wooded fairly well and there was also a pond back there.There is alot of farmland around.

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