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Report # 1150  (Class A)
Submitted by N. F. on Wednesday, May 31, 2000.
Ape-like creature seen by a motorist crossing the road and enter a wooded area near Ozora, Missouri
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 31

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Ste. Genevieve County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hilly terrain, rural area, sparsely populated area, approximately 7 miles to nearest populated area.



OBSERVED: Creature crossed small two lane paved road in front of vehicle late afternoon. No other vehicles in area, low volume road. Creature did not stop, but continued to cross the road and enter wooded area. My father is the witness, he described creature as tall, hairy {different shades of hair}, long arms, ape shaped face, with large stride, but almost limping.

ALSO NOTICED: He did not stop the car, as to the location of the sighting, it was on a steep downgrade with a sharp curve at the bottom, no shoulder to pull off the road.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were visiting at my mothers after a family funeral earlier in the day, and my mother sent my dad up to the small mini-mart on an errand. He went alone.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. My sister reported to me in 1978 or 1979 of reporting sighting such an animal on her way to our mother's. This sighting was approximately 6 or 7 miles from today's sighting.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny, hot, humid.

ENVIRONMENT: Oak, cedar, pine, heavy brushy area, thickly wooded and hilly area. Small creek running through area, approximately 2 miles from local small catholic church, houses within 1/2 mile from spotting.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Al Moskowitz:

I traveled to Ozora, MO about a week ago ( 6/17/00 1:23:21 PM ) and interviewed Bob, the gentlemen that had the sighting. My notes are attached.

His name is Bob his daughter stayed on the phone with us while I talked to Bob. He didn't know how tall it was, not very fat, skinny arms and legs. He stated, "I thought maybe it could have been like a laughing hyena's kind of face."

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