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Report # 11771  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 30, 2005.
A young man hears vocals and has a sighting north of Malvern
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 30


COUNTY: Carroll County

LOCATION DETAILS: North of Malvern, near the Pride Valley Trailer Park.



OBSERVED: i walked out of my mothers farm house i heard a deep howling sound coming from down by the calf penI returned to inside the house and explained to my mother that i heard the same noice decribed to me by my mothers boyfriend a few weeks earlier that he had heard then i left it was foggy out i was going down the hill right beside my mothers house i thought it was a telephone pole on the right side of the road it took off in front of my jeepit was brown and larger than i am and im six foot three inches and 240 lbs it ran across the road in 3 or 4 large steps it was very hairy and dark brownit didnt even look at me it just ran on 2 legs i also heard the whilstles sound last year coon hunting and thought it was a bird till i heard the exact same sound on a recording on the internet

ALSO NOTICED: my mothers boyfriend had been outside at night at a fire beside the home and heard what sounded like a very large animal in bushes and passed it off thinkg it may have been a cat dog or deer then precieded to rip a cardbourd box to place on the fire and at that moment the beast scared and ran across the road and down into the woods he could tell it was a very large animal running on 2 legs about 10 minutes later heard a strange howling sound coming from where the animal had gone

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 heard the sound but only 1 witness to the animal at the time of sightingone witness to the sound was inside of home in 2nd story bedroomand the witness who spotted the animal had just left the driveway and was headed home going down the hill directly beside woods

foggy out and it was dirctly in my headlights with bright beams on

ENVIRONMENT: a farm with cattle fields and wooded

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Steven P:

An event earlier in the month preceded this sighting at the end of May 2005. At that time, the mother of the witness and her boyfriend had heard something lurking in the woods near the house that ran away when they tore up some cardboard to fuel a fire. Their opinion was that the sounds created as it ran were bipedal and indicated significant weight. A few minutes after hearing it run away the couple heard a loud howling sound. The witness stated he had joked with the boyfriend about a howling Bigfoot up until the night he heard the howl and had the sighting a few minutes later.

Initially, the witness thought he was observing a telephone pole along the road as he left his mother’s home. He described what he saw as being the color of a heavily creosoted pole. He approached it for an estimated five to ten seconds. At a distance of approximately 25 feet, the creature jumped off a 4' embankment and ran across the road in three or four steps. He further stated that he nearly collided with it, as it was as close as 10 feet to the front of his jeep. It was illuminated by high beam headlights during the encounter and he did get a good look at it in profile and then slightly from the rear. He estimated that five seconds elapsed between when it jumped and when it disappeared into a field on the other side of the road. His vehicle speed during the encounter was approximately 35 – 40 miles per hour. The road is a typical rural road in Ohio, 12 - 14 feet wide in pavement with gravel shoulders to allow cars to pull off enough to pass each other.

JW described the creature as being a very dirty, dark brown, almost black. In profile, it did not have a snout and the head flowed directly onto the shoulders and chest with no neck evident. He described the hair as coarse and similar to an Airedale’s coat. His estimate of the height was seven feet and the weight in excess of 300 pounds. The head had a conical quality to it, but it was rounded at the very top. He described the posture as that of a big, muscular man with a back problem as it ran bent over leaning forward. He observed the arms bent and pumping and could clearly see that it had hands and fingers, although the angle of observation only allowed him to see the top of the hands, which were hair covered. The witness says that the animal did not look at his jeep during the encounter and he did not see facial features or eye shine.

His initial reaction was one of disbelief as to what he had observed. When he returned home his wife stated he was visibly agitated. He immediately called his mother and told her to be sure that she locked the doors. He said her boyfriend mentioned he should check the BFRO sounds page and he stated the howls there were very similar. He decided to submit his report after listening to those sounds and completed the report during that same visit.

The area of the sighting is near a small city but is rural in nature with rolling hills, pastures, crop fields and woodlots. There is a pond and a small creek adjacent to the site of the encounter. This area is located south of a cluster of reports in the BFRO database, including the Minerva Monster incidents.

Discussion and arrangements to do an on-site investigation are proceeding with the goal of having access to the property hopefully in the next two weeks.

For a number of reasons, I found this witness credible.

About BFRO Investigator Steven P:

Chief administrative officer of a unit of local government, a consultant and community faculty member.

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