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Report # 1198  (Class C)
Submitted by Dave Schroeder on Wednesday, August 21, 1996.
Two witnesses observe creature on edge of forest
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YEAR: 1980 or 1981


STATE: Massachusetts

COUNTY: Barnstable County



OBSERVED: In the Fall of 1980 or 1981 two coworkers at Niel Brown Instrument Systems in Cataumet, Mass. (now defunct) observed a tall dark hair covered bipedal creature with a black dog at the entrance to Lowdens Garden Center on Rte. 151 in the town of Mashpee, Mass. The incident occured at 2:00am-3:00am.

The garden center is now the entrance to a small housing developement. Both witnesses were extremely sincere about what they had seen. They described their reaction to seeing the creature as extreme shock, and they drove off at high speed. Mashpee is on Cape Cod a peninsula on the northeast coast of the U.S. It is about 1000 square miles in extent, and the area where the sighting occurred is adjacent to the largest tract of forest on Cape Cod. This forest area is south of and adjacent to Camp Edwards an Army training base. Cape Cod is completely surrounded by water and is connected to the mainland by two bridges.

Report submitted to the Western Bigfoot Society public reports page.

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