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Report # 1227  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, February 1, 1997.
Tracks found on an old logging trail.
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YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Woods near Wynoochee road close to Montesano


NEAREST ROAD: Wynoochee road

OBSERVED: Multiple footprints, about 14 inches long and about 1/4 inch deep in firm ground was able to track the prints for only 15 feet before losing trail.

OTHER WITNESSES: A friend and I were cruising the logging roads seeing if we could find these footprints, saw an area that looked promising and saw the tracks.

OTHER STORIES: In the same woods, I was told of someone out hunting and heard a howl that did not resemble anything he's ever heard before and he's an experienced hunter. I’m not sure if this one is true (story from a friend of a friend), the guy was driving down a logging road and saw 2 guys walking down the road, which is very unusual in the middle ofthe woods, they were very scared and had only a fifth of whiskey with them, they claimed to be camping and something threw huge rocks at their campfire, after multiple attempts the fire was put out, the 2 guys took of running leaving everything including vehicles behind, the person that picked up hese 2 brought the 2 back to the site and found multiple huge rocks on their vehicles, some of these rocks took all three of them to lift off. These are the two more significant stories from around here (about everyone that has spent much time in the woods around here has a story, usually these stories are of personal experience, problem is most won't talk about it).

ENVIRONMENT: Approx. 20 feet from a secluded logging road on top of a hill in fairly old newer growth woods. The tracks appeared in an area that resembled a wide deer trail.

A & G References: Pg.60, D3

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