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Report # 12712  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, October 4, 2005.
Woman remembers large bipedal creature running thru pasture at night, south of Henryetta
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YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: McIntosh County

LOCATION DETAILS: Located below a hill or ridgeline, approx. 2 or so miles from a lake. Wooded area very nearby. 5 miles south of Henryetta, Oklahoma on Lake Road.

NEAREST TOWN: Henryetta, Oklahoma 5 miles Dustin, Oklahoma 10 miles

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 75

OBSERVED: It was a summer, moonlit night, my then boyfriend and myself were standing outside after a date saying our goodbye's and both leaning with our back towards his pickup truck. We were facing our pasture behind the house that I grew up in. We were talking quietly and not moving much. My parents have a propane tank which is silver in color and approx. 20 to 25 feet long that sits approx 50 yards behind their house. As we were both looking towards the pasture we noticed something approximately 7 to 8 ft tall running across the pasture. It became more visible as it ran in front of the propane tank and was running in an upright position. It was dark in color. It ran southwestward towards the tree line of the pasture, but distinctly we could see it turn and look at us as it ran. Simultaneously my boyfriend and myself asked each other if we saw that, and ran into the house telling my mother. She grabbed a flashlight and shown it towards the pasture and saw nothing.

OTHER WITNESSES: My then boyfriend, now ex-husband. We still talk of this incident to this day.

OTHER STORIES: A nearby neighbor was deer hunting on the hill located approx. 1/4 mile from incident and claimed to have seen something walking upright through near where she was hunting w/ her husband. She described a distinct smell, and actually saw hair color of the creature. This incident happened approx. 3 or so years after my incident.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: night time approx 10:30pm. Balmy evening and moonlit.

ENVIRONMENT: Located below a hilly area or ridgeline, 2 or so miles from a lake. Wooded area very nearby. Small creek bed located approx. 20 yards from incident.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tim Sermons:

As the couple were leaning with their backs to the truck, they both saw a large creature approximately 8 foot tall run in front of the white butane tank that was in the pasture. The sighting lasted approximately 5 seconds as the creature was running to the woods.

The creature was covered in dark hair and had a forward leaning, lumbering jog. The witness describes the arms as being very long and the jog was funny looking. The witness could not make out any major features other than the size which was very big and muscular.

There have been other incidents, as recently as one year ago in that area.

About BFRO Investigator Tim Sermons:

-Navy Veteran - Hospital Corpsman, Field Medicine qualified
-Registered Nurse
-Currently working on MBA degree
-Experienced Hiker
-Attended Expeditions: Missouri '08, Georgia '09, Oklahoma Spring '09, Oklahoma Fall '09 and Missouri '09

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