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Report # 1340  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Richard Druery and Margie Krick on Monday, November 17, 1997.
Two witnesses (Truck drivers) spot a Bulky, Hairy (Brown Hair) being walking under the bridge
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September




LOCATION DETAILS: St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. Under a bridge on hwy. 406 West Bound

OBSERVED: Bulky Hairy (Brown Hair) being walking under the bridge. We are Tractor Trailer Drivers and both saw a bigfoot Sept. 3, 1997 3:00PM Central Time. Hwy. 406 in Hamilton, Canada. We were crossing a bridge (westbound) that has solid cement rails all the way across. Cars have no way of seeing over the rails down the 100 feet or so to the bottom. This is where we seen the big hairy creature walking south on the west bank. Well when I pointed for Margie (passenger seat) to see as we were going by at around 50-60 mph she seen the creature going north in the same location. The water beside the creature looked about ankle deep pouring south. The creature was on the rocky part (dry). The creature was looking straight ahead (south) and to the side (east) towards the water. Walking along as we would walk to town or something. The creature was completely full of hair. I do remember seeing some flesh on the arms and elbows. The feet and ankles were massive. The ankles were as massive as the legs. The long hair looked groomed all over the body too (brownish hair). Also the arms appeared to be longer than usual. That was what caused my first real attention to it.

ALSO NOTICED: Never been to this location before or since.

OTHER WITNESSES: The witness was looking around mostly on the road ahead.

ENVIRONMENT: We Are Tractor Trailer Drivers. We both seen the creature walking on the west side of the water on a sandy part. The water looked like it was ankle deep or so. Cars can't see over the cement rail but semi's can. I am always looking around as I go down the road, and always look in places like that. The water runs south. We entered by Buffalo, N.Y by mistake. We did not realize the company wanted us to enter from the Detroit side. We have not had the opportunity to be there again because of this. We wanted to at least get a picture of the bridge.


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