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Report # 1347  (Class B)
Submitted by witness L.G. on Tuesday, December 21, 1999.
Strange feeling of being watched reported by couple.
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YEAR: 1987

SEASON: Spring




LOCATION DETAILS: Near Upsula, Ontario, Canada. A small track community called Graham. The lake is approximately 15 miles north of Graham. We call the lake "Funny Lake" but this is not it's actual name (it is small and may not have a name).



OBSERVED: When my husband and i went on a routine fishing trip at one of our favorite lakes we had a strange experience. We unloaded our canoe from the van and set it on the small creek. The creek is shaped like a "V" with the exit to the lake out of view from the van (Must paddle for a few minutes). The lake itself is long and narrow with a small bay to the left. Normally, we fish near the creek opening or in the bay. On this particular occasion, as we paddled the creek we noticed nothing unusual until we reached the opening. When we reached the opening we heard a strange sound that is difficult to describe. A yell or scream that sounded hollow yet very powerful. It came from the other end of the long narrow lake. (We've heard moose, caribou, and deer bellow in the fall during mating season, but this sound was nothing like that). After hearing the sound we paddled past our favorite fishing area and into the bay. We felt the need to get out of sight from the lake for some reason. We had the strange feeling of being watched and felt we were being yelled at. The bay itself was filled with a strange smell/scent that we could not identify. The smell was very heavy and overpowering and seemed to fill the entire bay. I've never smelt this smell before or after this particular time. At this point we still had not said anything to each other. We paddled into the shore, that is when i finally turned around and asked my husband "what was that noise, and what's that smell". He responded by saying "i don't know, maybe moose piss (smell)", although we both knew that was not it. We then turned around and paddled out of the bay and directly to the creek. Without saying another word to each other we entered the creek, leaving. We said nothing further to each other, and not once pulled our fishing rods out. When we were paddling thru the narrow creek i felt very uneasy beacuse the creek was narrow and the bush dense. We paddled very quickly and felt the strong urge to leave immediately. I felt very secure and safe once we finally reached the van and were loaded up to leave. We still said nothing to each other, until we'd driven off. Again i repeated the same question and he responded "i don't know..." It was almost 10 years later before i told anyone about this experience.

ALSO NOTICED: We never went back to this lake since.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my husband and i.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: On a routine fishing trip.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded area, mainly spruce and willow. The terrain itself is mixed with a marsh area where the creek is.

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