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Report # 13503  (Class B)
Submitted by witness RC on Sunday, January 8, 2006.
Possible moonlight sighting by prospector outside Metaline Falls City
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 27

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pend Oreille County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Sullivan Lake - [location specifics removed].

NEAREST TOWN: Metaline Falls

NEAREST ROAD: Sullivan Lake Road

In July 2005, my son and I were prospecting in Pend Oreille Co,Wa. just outside Metaline Falls City. We had been asleep for a couple of hours when I was awoke by the smell of wet fur. I got up to go relieve myself while looking at the creek when I spotted something walking across the creek about twenty feet away from my truck. I quickly went back to my truck and tried to wake my son to no avail. While doing this I grabbed my rifle and stepped away from the truck where I chambered a round and watched until the figure stopped by a tree next to the bank, then told my son to hit the remote button to unlock the truck and turn on the bed light to shine out towards the creek. This I did several times until I felt safe again. I could not see the figure anymore so I went to bed.

I've been hunting and fishing also prospecting for over thirty years so I know the differance between bears and what I saw in the moon light and it wasn't a bear.

ALSO NOTICED: No animal noises at all, the whole time we were there (a week). Also both of us felt that there was something watching us. A lot of bears
(grizzly)(brown) warnings were posted at the lake.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night (early morning) bright moon, dry, warm.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, farmland, pond, creek, river.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness. He is credible.

Some information he added:

The overall body reminded him of a gorilla -- very large and muscular with an estimated 1,000lb weight. No neck. Shoulder width estimated at 4'.

The first time he tried to wake his son, his son didn't respond. A few minutes later he tried again. His son acknowledged his request to turn on the cargo light that shines over the bed of the truck. When the light came on the figure walked behind a tree ( he estimated the tree was about 3 ft. wide). Shortly thereafter it left from behind the tree and he could no longer see it. He did not hear it walking away.

The overall observation lasted about 10 minutes. At the closest point it was about 20' away.

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