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Report # 13515  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 9, 2006.
Late afternoon sighting in the Pine Barrens
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 27th

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Burlington County

LOCATION DETAILS: Edited out at witnesses request.

NEAREST TOWN: Woodmansie/Chatsworth


OBSERVED: This sighting had happened when me and my girlfriend were driving on one of the dirt trails off Route 72. We had just gotten on the trail and I wanted to stop for a second. After being stopped for a few minutes, I looked up and noticed my girlfriend looked like she had just seen a ghost. She said that she just saw something tall and light brown walk across the road we were on. So I said it was probably just a deer or something.

I got out and looked around, and I saw some bushes moving and heard some rustling. As soon as I turned my head I saw this face of an animal about 6 feet high looking straight at me through this big pile of brush. The face itself was black but the hair was a dark sandy to light brown color. It looked like the face of an ape. The hair on the top of its head was somewhat long.

After looking at it for a few seconds I shook my head to see if i had seen what I thought I had, while I was doing so the animal had run away. I saw it running for a second but then I turned back to my car and got in. Once I was in I asked her what she thought she saw. She said that it was the same thing she had seen when we went camping six months prior to this.

We went camping near Tuckerton but we had taken a detour to Apple Pie Hill. There is a ranger lookout tower there, so went to the top and she looked down and said what the hell is that. I pointed my flashlight in the direction but didn't see anything. She said she saw something running in front of the tower and it looked like the same thing she had seen. But once I had gotten back into my car I looked around for it again but didn't see it. So I put my window down and started driving, I could hear something running toward my car so I stopped and turned off my car again. I still heard something coming my way, it sounded like a human or something running on two feet as opposed to a animal on 4 feet galloping through the woods. After a few minutes of listening she was getting nervous so I had turned around and headed home.

ALSO NOTICED: After telling some of my friends this we went back a few nights later to look around. We went to the spot and saw some sort of a path that looked like something had just run through it making its own path, and that was the same direction where I had saw the animal run.

OTHER WITNESSES: My girlfriend was with me, she saw it first

OTHER STORIES: Yes, also about 2 years ago me and 3 other friends had gone woodsing and we stopped at this rock quary to look around. We started hiking around and my one friend had had a paint ball gun with him and he didn't want to carry it anymore so he headed back to the car alone to put it back. About 15 minutes had gone by and he hadn't come back. We heard our friend screaming "RAY! RAY!" over and over again. So we headed back to my car and we saw him (the kid who went to the car) running in our direction. He had started yelling at us and screaming at us not to scare him like that. He had said that he had seen our friend Ray run across the road and try to scare him. (Ray has a beard and long black hair) but Ray was with us the whole time. I have never seen this kid as shooken up as we did this one night.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it happened at approx. 4:00 pm
it was still pretty bright out and the skies were clear

ENVIRONMENT: it was in the pines

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke with the witness that submitted the report over the phone on 1/11/2006. I also spoke with the witnessí girlfriend over the phone on 1/13/2006. The following details can be added.

The girlfriend was the first to see the animal cross the dirt road. She said the animal moved very fast across the road. She did not make out any facial details, but she remembers seeing the legs moving as it ran in a bipedal fashion. She also noticed that the hair was a sandy or tan color, and was longer around the head and shoulder area.

The witness that submitted the report did not believe his girlfriend at first. He originally thought she had seen a deer, and decided to leave the vehicle to check the area where the animal was just seen. Upon approaching the area, he noticed a dark face peering out from the underbrush from a distance of twenty-five feet. The face looked black, and had a very ape like appearance. He did not trust his eyes to what he was seeing, so he shook his head to clear his vision. Upon opening his eyes, the animal rose up to a full stance and started to run on two legs deeper into the pine forest.

He noted that the height of the animal was between six and half feet to seven feet tall, the hair all over the body was a sandy/tan color but not as light as a deer, and longer around the head and shoulders. The animal was not huge but had a very muscular build. The witness told me he is a weight lifter and the animal was much larger then him.

I have visited a part of this general area within the last two months accompanied by two other field researchers, one of whom is a Nanticoke-Lenni Lenape guide and tracker and knows the area well. On both visits we found possible signs of Sasquatch activity in the form of broken and twisted tree limbs and stick/limb structures.

The area in which the encounter took place is predominantly pine forest and mixed underbrush. There is an abundance of berry shrubs, and deer are plentiful. It would be very easy for a nocturnal and intelligent animal to stay hidden and survive in this part of New Jersey.

This sighting resembles the individual that ran out in front of Researchers in 2010, in an area not far from where this encounter happened, see Report #50025. One of these researchers reached out to the submitter of this report to discuss the two encounters, he appreciated the contact and is currently in the armed forces.

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