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Report # 13833  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, February 16, 2006.
Early evening sighting by motorist two miles outside Bon Wier
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YEAR: 1981


MONTH: November

DATE: 25th?

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Newton County

LOCATION DETAILS: At least two miles out of Bon Wier.

NEAREST TOWN: Bon Wier/Newton,Tx.

NEAREST ROAD: It was on HWY.190

OBSERVED: My sighting took place in the fall of 1981 (poss. '82) so I believe it's of no great value, except to record keepers/researchers.

My wife and I were heading home for Thanksgiving from Gulfport, MS to Nacogdoches,Texas. We saw this large hairy, Chubaka-like creature walk across the road in front of us near Bon Wier,TX.

Our trip began in the early afternoon which put us in S.E.Texas at dusk. The road was unfamiliar so I kept my speed at 60MPH and had my head lights on (1982 Datsun KingCab).

Well as anyone who has seen one of these things will tell you; it the last thing you expect to see, as it was in our case.

- Location: Approx. 2 miles west of, to maybe half way between Bon Wier and Newton, TX. on HWY.190. I do not recall any houses, side roads, or lights in this area.
- Time: 1700-1900hrs (5-7p.m)
- Weather: Overcast (possibly occ. drizzle).

Both sides of the road had 12-18" of water. I don't remember any fences on either side, just thicket(s) like vegetation.

What was seen: A lean (my guess male) hairy (yellow in the headlights; poss.grey/silver) creature/being/bigfoot calmly stride to the center of the road, pause, turn slightly to look in our direction for a couple of seconds and the casually stide/walk off.

"He" was headed east to west. The Caney Creek was on the east side of this section of road. My guy did not seem to be as broad shouldered/big chested as drawing/photos I've seen since. "He" was easily 7 foot tall. I remember thinking (somewhere in the back of mind I was considering "him" a hazard) that if he fell over he would take up the better part of one of the traffic lanes.

I guess my subconscious was trying to fit what I was seeing with a "normal" occurence like a injured hunter. My wife (ex-wife now) and I did not speak until about ten seconds after we passed where "he" went off the road in to the shrubs/bushes. I saw "him" for what seemed like ten seconds - from about a 1/4mi. to about 100 yds. Hairy face made features small. Hairy hands and feet. Didn't see any genitalia. Again "he" casually walked to the approx. middle of the road in about 4 easy strides and left the same way.

ALSO NOTICED: N/A as we were doing about sixty MPH with the windows up.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife at the time

OTHER STORIES: We were just passing through.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dusk 1700-1900, overcast

ENVIRONMENT: Flooded thicket on both sides of the road. Do not remember any other man-made objects or lights.

Follow-up investigation report:

Follow-up investigation by BFRO investigator Clay Smith

I spoke with the witness on December 10, 2009. I found him to be very credible and relaxed about his sighting. He added a couple of extra details on his report, but it remains unchanged.

The witness didn't get a good look at the facial features. He did notice the head shape was more round and not conical. The arms seemed long.

The figure casually walked across the road with no real concern or hurry. It took about four steps as it crossed.

Two years ago, he returned to the general location, but had trouble remembering exactly where it took place; the area had changed some.

He was curious why the creature was out that evening in the cold/wet weather crossing the road.

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