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Report # 14341  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Sean Henley on Saturday, April 8, 2006.
August 2005; Temagami, Ontario - A father, his son and girlfriend are witness to several incidents in northern Ontario.
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August




NEAREST ROAD: Highway 11

OBSERVED: I am 45 years old, my son is 18. Last summer on a camping trip to Temagami, Ontario we had a most intense hour of probable contact with numerous Sasquatch. I'd been reading your website daily for a few months at that point so I was aware of certain things I otherwise wouldn't have been. I can't help but come to the conclusion that Sasquatch inhabit areas that Man has destroyed and then moved on, such as deforested areas and strip mined areas. We were in such an area at the time of these occurences. You can actually drive right to this particular area. On the narrow dirt road in there were many numerous tree snaps (mostly birch) 15 or so feet off the ground. Trees at least 8" across, not tiny ones. When we stopped the truck we startled a huge red fox, who ran away over an entire field of mined piled boulders.
My son and his girlfriend got out of the truck and took off running in the direction that the fox ran, over the piled boulders. I slowly and much more carefully made my way up the side of the boulders. When I got to the top I could see them heading towards the woods at the other side of the field of boulders about a quarter of a mile away. I became acutley aware of loud tree tapping noises from the woods on the other side of the field of rocks. You know when you're being watched and we were. This was a very desolate area.
When the kids finally returned my son's girlfriend told me that someone or something had been throwing stones at them but they couldn't figure out from which direction. Hmmmmmm.
I wonder who that could have been.
The kids proceeded to run down the road in front of where I'd parked the truck as there were some abandoned buildings to an old mine. I went to the truck to get my camera, when I turned around the kids were way down the road, yet I could hear loud running footfalls behind some trees off to my right (somewhere between me and the kids). Anyway a number of other stange noises and such happened while we were there. At the bottom of a very old wooden staircase there was a huge mound of what looked like crap. It would have probably filled a 35 gallon fishtank. I joked that it looked like Sasquatch crap at the time and my son of course just said "ya right". So half jokingly I picked up a rock about twice the size of my fist and lobbed it down the stairs at the blob expecting it to just bouce off a pile of dirt.
Well, it didn't bounce off. It sank a few inches into this mound with a splat sound. We just all looked at each other and all said "oh crap".
It was either the largest pile of axle grease I've ever seen or it was genuine. We didn't go any closer, as there was a huge hole broken through some wooden floor boards only a few feet away from it that most likely led down into the old abandoned mine. I think I may even have a picture of it, as we took a few that afternoon of this strange location.
I know exactly where this location is.
We are going back again this summer probably in August.

ALSO NOTICED: The sound of something very large crashing through the bush towards our location. Stopped just short of a small swampy area. Nothing appeared and the sound stopped. Inside buildings it was pitch black but noises could be heard and it was obvious that something was running around inside. When we would look in one open door the sound moved to the other side of the building. This happened at every opening we looked in. There was also a gravel area that looked like it was once a parking lot perhaps. There was an obstruction in the trees that appeared to have been used as a hunters blind.

OTHER WITNESSES: My son, his girlfriend and myself.

OTHER STORIES: There is supposedly stories of Sasquatch in Temagami.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Bright sunny afternoon. Very hot day.

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed deciduous and evergreen forested area.
Small man made lake, likely from where many of the rocks and boulders originally came from.
Unimaginably large area of nothing but piled boulders and rocks of every size and shape. A few city blocks in size at least.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the writer/witness over the phone and found him to be very genuine in nature and excited about the incidents he experienced. He is an avid fisherman and has traveled around various remote areas of northern Ontario.

There was not much extra to add to this original report because he was so thorough. However, he did mention a few more important details.

The trees that were broken were snapped off at about the 15 - 20 foot mark. He believes there were about 20 trees broken in this fashion with the tops missing.

The wood knocking that he heard lasted on and off for approximately 20 minutes and appeared to be about 1/2 mile away.

A couple of days prior to the above reported incident, the writer/witness went fishing with his son approximately 20 - 30 km from the report location. They had parked their vehicle on a bridge and then gone down to the river's edge to fish. They noticed across the river was a crude structure made up of woven sticks. The son went across the river to investigate it. His son walked along a narrow trail and searched the immediate area. Upon returning back along the same trail he found, to his amazement, a large stick ( 1 inch diameter x 8 feet long ) sticking in the ground, like a spear, in the trail. He knows it was absolutely not there when he walked the path just minutes before. He pulled out the stick and took it home. They still have it.

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