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Report # 1458  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, April 19, 2000.
A motorist observed a hunched over, brownish-red creature crossing the road #2. Cast made of a 12" track, only a couple of days old, that was found 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile into the woods by BFRO investigator Scott Kessler
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YEAR: 1998/2000

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: unknown / 4-5 & 4-7, 2000

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: La Salle Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: on a pipeline and on a gravel road near Georgetown

NEAREST TOWN: Georgetown

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 500

OBSERVED: Mr. E.H. stated to me that he was returning from work one afternoon when he came out of a curve in the road (gravel) traveling West and saw a creature he estimates to have been 6-7 feet in height and weighing over 300 lbs. cross the road approximately 3 telephone poles up from his position. The creature was traveling South to North. He stated that he was traveling about 30mph. Mr. E.H. also stated that the creature was brownish-red in color, no facial features were noted as the creature never looked in his direction.The head appeared to look like a humans. The creature crossed the road in about 3-4 steps, and was very fast. He said that the creature looked to be hunched over. The arms were swinging in a pumping like fashion, like a sprinters arms would pump.

Mr. E.H. stopped at the area the creature crossed and looked around, no smell or odor was noted, and no tracks were found due to the hardness of the road and ground. Nothing else was noted.

This is the second sighting. The 1st was in 1976 on a pipeline by Mr. E.H. and his wife. The creature in this sighting was also a brownish color and was seen crossing a pipeline.This is in the same area as the 2nd sighting.

This area appears to be an active area. Unknown vocalizations also occur at this area.

Mr. E.H. has lived and hunted in this area for 40+ yrs and has never heard the vocalizations being heard before. He lives approx. 5-7 miles into the woods.

During my visit on 4-5-2000 (Wednesday) myself, Mr. E.H. and his son found a 12" track near his home. We were on 4-wheelers traveling to an area near a previous sighting by a family member. We came to a large puddle in the 4-wheeler trail and were trying to negotiate around it when he asked me to come look at something. What I found was a 12" track that was no more then a few days old. The track had some wear due to the rain from Sunday night through Monday late afternoon.

We were approximately 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile into the woods. I sent his son to get my plaster box from the back of my truck as I had no where to carry it in. After looking around I found another track about 10 yards from the other but in a very wet and flooding area. I photographed this track as it was impossible to cast. No other tracks were found.

After his son returned I measured the track and found it to be 12" inches in length, and was 3/4 to 1 inch into the ground. Mr.E.H. tried to make a track in the ground nearby but was unsuccessful ( he weighes over 200Lbs). It was unclear how many toes were present due to the mud and leaves in the track. Several photos were made of the track before plaster was poured into it.

Due to prior obligations I was forced to leave the cast till Friday 4-7 when I could return. Mr. E.H. and myself secured the area as best we could.

I returned on Friday around 10:30 am with my brother Shane.The 2 of us along with Mr.E.H. returned to the spot to retrieve the track cast. We retrieved the cast with no problems. We looked around the area and found what appeared to be Pine saplings that had been bitten and picked at to retrieve termites that were in the trees. We found approx. 8 -10 of these ranging from 3ft to 7ft off the ground. We also found a tree about 3 inches in diameter that had been twisted at the base and broke over. Photos were taken of these. Due to rising water we were unable to go very far into the area to look further.

ALSO NOTICED: : Unknown vocalizations are heard on a regular basis in this area

OTHER WITNESSES: 1998 sighting, one witness, driving home from work 4-5 & 4-7-2000. 4 looking around riding 4-wheelers

OTHER STORIES: Something large passes within 10 yards of the residence making a hooting/cooing type sound on some occasions and returns a hoot when the wife of Mr. E. H. hoots back but stays within the wood line.

On a date unknown the E. H. family members recalled being outside one day with the baby when the baby began to cry. When the child started to cry they heard a loud scream type roar and a loud, big comotion in the woods across the road. The screaming and roaring went on for a few minutes. They retreated into the residence due to fear of what was in the woods and for the baby's safety.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 98' report: Sunny, clear day, no overcast or clouds. Very good lighting.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine Forest at the time of the sighting,has been cut since that sighting. Area has numerous creeks and bayous.Various Hills. Dead end gravel road.

Topozone map of general area

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