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Report # 1460  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 19, 1998.
Two Large Creatures Were Seen Coming Out of Creek
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YEAR: Mid- to Late-1970s

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Rapides Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the Indian Creek camping area near the town of Woodworth about 15 mins south of Alexandria

NEAREST TOWN: Alexandria

NEAREST ROAD: Indian Creek Camp Ground (blacktop)

OBSERVED: Im a 32 now,what i saw and heard was from when i was about 8 years old. This is only the 3rd time i have told this story,but remember it like it was yesterday. We (Family) use to go camping alot during the summer months to various camping areas,this time we went to an area just outside of Indian Creek known to us as Little Indian Creek. I had been asleep when i was awaken by the sounds of the raccoons in the garbage cans as they often did.Being a kid it was fun as well as fasinating to wtach them play so i decided to stay up an watch them,everyone else was still sleeping. I dont know how long i watched but i noticed they kept looking towards the woods.The woods were separated from our camp by a narrow (4'-5' across) but deep stream (5-6' deep) .When all of a sudden i heard a loud splash,the sound like wading (im getting chills writting this) .it was at this point that i noticed that all the raccoons were gone. I crouched down barely looking over the window edge so as not to let what was coming across the creek see me watching. As it rose out of the creek it let out a very deep growl then made some grunting sounds as it climbed the embankment as it did this i heard another splash as another entered the water. i watched as the 1st creature climbed out of the creek area and into sight (we kept 2 lanterns on during the night for security reasons) as i saw this creature go thru our things that were left out,i began to cry from fear. In front of me was a creature that was at least 7' tall and very big,it was covered in hair. I watched it as the 2nd came out of the creek making almost the same growl and grunting sounds as the 1st had done. I laid back down not wanting to see them look my way and come to where i was. I lay there motionless for what seemed forever till i heard them leave the same way they had come,as they did the racoons returned shortly there after.But sleep came hours later.

ALSO NOTICED: : How quiet the animals got,and respected what was coming. The Growling was deep and ominous very dominate,the second creatures growls were not as deep,more higher pitched.

OTHER WITNESSES: was sleeping

ENVIRONMENT: camping area,with a small swimming hole with 4 creeks leading into them. The creek banks were steep in places as high as 8 to 10 feet

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