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Report # 1495  (Class A)
Submitted by witness wishing to remain anonymous on Friday, January 26, 2001.
Man and wife in car see a sasquatch eating frogs on the road
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YEAR: 1960

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 18

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Mason County

LOCATION DETAILS: Four or five miles out of Shelton going toward Olympia on a series of curves with a steep rock wall on the west side of the highway. Near Skookum Creek.



OBSERVED: We were driving at fifty mph and had been dodging frogs that were on the wet sunny highway. While going around a curve in the highway we came within 50' of a Sascquatch that was stooping in the middle of the road eating frogs. When he saw the car he stood straight up and ran across the highway and ran up a sheer rock wall that I'm sure that a deer could not make it up. He did not use his hands to climb with and the speed at which he could run and his display of strenght in climbing the wall frightened us both and I hit the gas hard to hurry and get passed the spot that he was at above us.

We had never heard of anything like this and were at a total loss as to what we had just seen. Many years later I moved back to this area and have heard at least twenty stories about the animal that my wife and I had seen coming back from our honeymoon. This animal looked just like the film that is so often shown but, it did not have breasts and its head was a little shorter.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, driving at fifty mph around curvy road, dodging frogs that had come out on to highway after a summer rain shower.

OTHER STORIES: At the time I had never heard of this animal. Since then I have heard many stories of a similar nature near this area and several other areas that I have lived.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7P.M. bright and sunny just after a hard rain earlier that afternoon.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest and streams with the highway cut through a rock outcropping leaving a steep rock wall on the west side of the highway.

A & G References: Pg. 61, C8

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