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Report # 15019  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 21, 2006.
Possible vocalizations heard near Yorkville
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 21

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Kendall County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Rt. 47 & Rt. 71
(Behind house in tree-lined wooded area)



OBSERVED: Around 11:23pm on june 20th 2006 my girlfriend, myself, and the dog stepped outside on the back porch so my girlfriend could smoke and to let the dog out to go to the bathroom. The porch faces a wooded tree line area that runs in the backyard and runs through the whole subdivison. So we open the sliding glass door to step out and we all step on to the porch the dog was still. Then she ran barking straight to the back fence, that is just in front of the tree line area, my girlfriend tells her to be quiet and to stop barking. She doesn't, then after 5 minutes she stops and we were on our way in, so to see the dog because we couldn't see her I decide to use the display of my cell phone to see if I could see her, because it is a bright display. I see her coming to it but to joke around with her I start waving it around in circles. Then from the back tree line my girlfriend and I both hear this strange 'coo' sound with breaks in it. I freak out and push my girlfriend aside and run in the house; as we were inside and I locked the door. Then I say did you her that and she was like yes what was that, I though it had to have been a bigfoot...It was like nothing I have ever heard in my life. [Edited]

ALSO NOTICED: Strange 'coo' noise with breaks in it.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, me and my girlfriend was outside on here back porch smoking facing the tree line area as was I. We also had our dog outside too so in order to see our dog I open my cell phone up and shined the bright display out toward the tree line and the dog.

OTHER STORIES: No not yet.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night, at around 11:23pm

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area behide houses.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

I spoke to the witness over the phone, and he was happy and thankful to actually speak with somebody about his experiences. I managed to obtain some more details about what was happening around his home. The howl lasted for several seconds, died down, then instantly resumed for several more seconds. He felt it was probably one creature doing the howl.

Their dog started to 'freak out' and ran to the fence line and kept barking uncontrollably during this time. The next day he noticed his neighbors checking out the area along the forest for some reaons. He also noticed that one of their big, heavy wooden benches was tipped over. He mentioned that some of the wooden slats on his fence have been pushed in from the forest side of the fence.

He states that this area has lots of woods and forest preserves in it. To this day he is still too timid to enter the forest behind his house.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

Eric Lester is a medical professional and has been investigating possible Sasquatch sightings since 2004.
BFRO expeditions include:

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