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Report # 15060  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 27, 2006.
Night time sighting by motorists on Interstate 75 just south of Hiwassee River
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 21

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Bradley County

LOCATION DETAILS: Atleast 1 hr. to Georgia.

NEAREST TOWN: 1 hour till georgia boarder from tennessee.

NEAREST ROAD: On highway 75

OBSERVED: Driving down S. 75 with my family and brother in law in seperate trucks going through Tennessee to Georgia. The road was 2 lanes and N. bound lane seemed to be 200 yds. away from us. With my bright lights on and in left lane I noticed a very large object on the left side of road. As we got closer to what I thought was a bear, turned out to be a bigfoot. When we got to within 75 yds. I could see it crouched over a dead animal. As we were about to pass it, it turned and looked right at us. I freaked out and called carl on the phone to ask him " did u see what I just did" ? He did.

Been very scared to tell anyone, cause people will think we are nuts. We know what we saw.


OTHER WITNESSES: 2. Driving down S. 75


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12:30/1:00 A.M. Very dark out and dry. Only one other truck behind me on the road.

ENVIRONMENT: Woody, but too dark to tell, but road is not near each other. North bound and South bound lanes are seperated atleast 200 yds. Trees in median.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness is a Michigan business owner. He also hunts bear and deer, and has spent much time in the outdoors. He was driving south on Interstate 75 in the left lane around 12:30-01:00 AM when he saw the animal hunched over what appeared to be a dead deer about five yards off the road in the median. As he drove past the animal it looked up at him. He described it looking similar to the figure in the Patterson footage. It appeared to have long, coarse brown/black colored hair. He also described the hair as being “rotty” and “rat nested.”

After gathering more details over the phone, we were able to determine that the witness had just crossed over the Hiwassee River when he had the sighting.

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