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Report # 15206  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 15, 2006.
Possible tracks found on Buckles Mountain
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YEAR: 2005


MONTH: October


STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Kootenai County

LOCATION DETAILS: Buckles Mountain east of Garwood, Idaho


NEAREST ROAD: Forest Service Road 2302

OBSERVED: While out deer huntning myself and my wife found a set of tracks alongside Forest service road 2302. This road starts on Forest service road 406 and travels for approximately 1.5 miles before dead-ending on a hilltop. The tracks were approximately .75 miles up the road just past a clearing. These tracks were about 16" long and 7" wide. The toe prints were clearly visable. It had rained earlier that morning and had light showers intermittently throughout the morning. The tracks had no water puddling in them and appeared to be fairly fresh. I have been a avid hunter for many years and can distinguish between fresh and old tracks. I never have been a believer in the Bigfoot stories and legends but have since changed my attitude. I didn't really believe what I had found until I took my wife up and showed her. She agreed that they could, in fact, be Bigfoot prints.

ALSO NOTICED: If it is worth noting, there was NO game about. No deer, squirrels, birds, NOTHING. Previous scoutings had produced quite a few large Mule deer and tons of squirrels.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my wife, Sandi were the only witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: The first I've heard of or seen.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning time frame, 9-10 am. Somewhat overcast and on and off light showers.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly pine forest with a few clear-cut areas. The topo is mostly mountainous. No real noticable landmarks although F.R 2302 runs along a slight ridgeline.

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