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Report # 1536  (Class A)
Submitted by Scott Kessler on Monday, January 29, 2001.
Two teenage deer hunters have encounter while hunting
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: November

DATE: 18

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: La Salle Parish


NEAREST TOWN: Georgetown

OBSERVED: Encounter as told to BFRO researchers Scott Kessler & Patricia Normand on January 27,2001 by two teenage (both 14 y/o) hunters (K.H. & L.C.) about their encounter November 18th, 2000.

We had ridden a 4-wheeler to a deerstand not far from the house. We had been there about 30 minutes. It was near 4 pm and the sun was just beginning to go down. It was almost dusk. We were out there hunting for deer when I told my friend K.H. that there was something moving closer to a group of wild hogs about 40 feet from us.When it got closer we saw what appeared to be a man "duck walking" towards the hogs. It scratched it's head and looked around and began to shuffle one foot back and forth (as if it was shifting its weight) .It was also making "blowing sounds like a deer does". I shifted my position in the deerstand and hit my shotgun ( 20ga.) against the inside of the deerstand and it heard it and stood up. The hogs ran off when it stood upright. We bolted out the back door of the stand and jumped on the 4 wheeler and hauled it out of there,after turning a corner and across a small creek I (L.C.) looked back and saw it standing by a tree watching us leave. We had watched it all total for about 10 minutes. It was reddish brown, covered with hair and we could see it's eyes . The face was somewhat covered with hair but not as covered as the rest of the body. It was about 7 feet tall and maybe 300, to 350 pounds.

ALSO NOTICED: Unusually quiet, no sounds except the sound of the hogs rooting.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 , deer hunting

OTHER STORIES: The past few weeks near my fathers house,during earliy evening hours the dogs get to acting up, a few getting scared, when my dad and i go to check we have seen a large and tall subject by an oak tree, it runs off when we approach it. have also had several deer feeders destroyed over the past few weeks with one having a dead squirrel with its tail pulled off stuck inside one of them.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: almost dusk, around 4-430pm. Sun was shining almost behind the creature.Some clouds.Around 50 degrees that day.

ENVIRONMENT: Pineforest with a swamp and oak trees, lots of creeks.Recent logging nearby.

Sketch of how the creature was walking

Follow-up investigation report:

This is the same area I cast a 12inch track and found several others in April of 2000.The sketch is how the creature was walking toward the hogs and does not look the same as theirs .The one they saw has more hair covering its body/arms/face.The sketch is used to show how it was walking (duck-walk).The deer stand they were in is a completely enclosed stand at ground level.They were within at the most 50 ft of the creature.We looked at the feeders and they had been smashed and torn off the trees. One was at the sighting area.Investigations are on-going in this area

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